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== Stable version == Old stable version (2.8) == Old development branch (2.9) ==



Released July 24th, 2009.

 * Added: Python scripting support (supplied by S.Marquis)
 * Added: Users are copied to other local bots.
 * Fixed: Obscure configure options for new features.
 * Fixed: Updated help files.
 * Fixed: Local bots should now auto-op eachother (if AOP is set).
 * Fixed: Filenames for various functions is now sanity checked.
 * Fixed: Saving greet updates to userfile.


Released May 11th, 2009.

 * Added: Scripting hook for dns (only if compiled with rawdns support)
   Usage(TCL): mech_dns <hostname> <callback_proc>
 * Added: Scripting hook for commands
   Usage(TCL): mech_hook command <name_of_command> <tcl_proc_to_run>
 * Added: DNS command (only if compiled with rawdns support)
   Usage: DNS <nick|host>
 * Added: Shit records to debug dump file.
 * Added: CHANBAN feature
 * Added: Spy channels can now be created cross-bot.
   Usage: SPY [STATUS|MESSAGE|RAWIRC|[guid":"|botnick":"] [channel|">" filename]
 * Added: IRCd extension flags are now recovered in a reset.
 * Added: BANLIST command also lists +e and +I masks (ircnet)
 * Added: Recognizes IRCd extensions from the 005 line such as ircnet modes (+e/+I)
 * Added: SERVERGROUP command and SERVERGROUP setting (per bot setting)
   Usage: SERVERGROUP [identifier]
   Usage: SET SERVERGROUP <identifier>
 * Fixed: async dns should eat less cpu if it bugs.
 * Fixed: Bot can connect to undernet servers presenting an additional
   challenge if there is no ident.


Released August 27th, 2008.

 * Fixed: DNS query recursion flag was set incorrectly.


Released May 8th, 2006.

 * Fixed: Critical crash bug in parse_notice [TiCPU]


Released August 28th, 2005.

 * Fixed: Socket corruption when terminating a DCC or telnet chat.
 * Fixed: Bouncer using virtual host.
 * Fixed: Bouncer timeout after irc connection.
 * Added: Status message for trying a new server.
 * Fixed: BNCPORT setting now reacts when altering a live port
 * Added: DIE in config file
 * Fixed: When users are added or modified, the channel user
   list will update to reflect the proper user levels.
 * Fixed: Greet will now display properly in userlist.
 * Fixed: ALTNICK in sample.conf
 * Fixed: Cygwin uptime bot type WINMECH
 * Fixed: Makefile flaws
 * Fixed: Server removal (server -host)
 * Fixed: DNS timeout server cycle
 * Fixed: Channel spy source.


Released August 1st, 2005.

* Added: "USER +handle" now works aswell as "USER + handle"
* Fixed: bus error on sparc in async dns
* Fixed: crash bug in LINK command (faulty arguments)
* Fixed: ENFPASS
* Fixed: botnet verify
* Added: +NS (non shared) and +RO (readonly) user flags.
* Added: CMD command
* Removed: ADDLINK/DELLINK commands, use LINK +/-
* Added: Verify over botnet
* Added: botnet spy source
* Added: Multiple channels per user record
* Added: sendQ for certain command output
* Fixed: faulty error message in KB/SITEKB/SCREW
* Added: reset recovers server name
* Added: Telnet connections are now recovered in reset.
* Added: Shitlist output now shows all relevant information.
* Added: Action levels to the KS feature.
* Fixed: commands that output tables now output better formatted tables   
* Fixed: bots crashing when they are kicked (themselves)
* Fixed: botnet bots given op without matching access 200.
* Fixed: a few commands crashing when given no arguments.
* Fixed: USER command setting a users access to zero every change.
* Added: Auto-detecting MODES setting on networks with 005 reply.
* Changed: OPMODES renamed to MODES, affecting how many modes per line.
* Removed: BANMODES setting.
* Fixed: Compiled OK with GCC 3.4.3
* Removed: ADD, DEL commands, use USER +/- instead.
* Fixed: ESAY no longer suffers from buffer overflow problems
* Fixed: AUB will no longer unban Shits level 3+
* Fixed: Session file now saves all (?) new options and settings
* Fixed: NCL (Nick flood kicks) now work properly.
* Chnaged: "NETPASS" setting renamed to "LINKPASS"
* Changed: file comment char changed to ; (semicolon)
* Removed: ADDSERVER, DELSERVER commands, use SERVER +/- instead.
* Added: you can now telnet to the bot via the botnet listen socket.
* Added: Its now possible to use an internal md5 version if your
  system does not provide one. ./configure --md5=internal
* Added: Settings now have access levels associated with them.
  It should be impossible to view/set/access a setting if your
  level is insufficient.
* Added: USER command now accepts option +/-host
  Usage: USER <handle> <+HOST|-HOST> <mask>
* Removed: HOST command.
* Added: the mech now accepts certain chars at the end of its
  nickname when you give it commands, ex: "mechname," works
* Added: Notify no longer loads automatically, you need
  to put "NOTIFY -RELOAD" in the configuration file.
* Added: Notify nicks can now be added and removed online
  Usage: NOTIFY [+ <nick> [mask(s)] [:comment]]
  Usage: NOTIFY [- <nick>]
* Added: DCC file receive and settings for DCC control
  Usage: SET DCCANON <number>
  Usage: SET DCCUSER <number>
  Usage: SET DCCFILES <mask [...]>
* Removed: REPORT command, use `SET [channel]' for the same functionality
* Changed: commands can now be disabled permanently (until bot is restarted)
  Usage: CHACCESS <command> disable
* Added: DYNLIMIT string setting to configure the dynlimit feature
  Usage: SET DYNLIMIT xx:yy:zz
  where xx is the number of seconds between each mode update, 20-600 seconds
  where yy is the number to divide the current user number with to get the
  window size, 5-50 (ex, 100 users on channel divided by 10 = window of +/-10)
  where zz is the minimum window size, 1-50.
  default values are 90 seconds, window 10 and minimum 4; "90:10:4"
* Removed: DYNLIMIT toggle
* Added: userlist sharing over botnet
* Added: MD5 bot linking password exchange support
* Added: TCL: `hook dcc_complete - callback'
  callback arguments: to, filename, cps
* Fixed: Compiled ok with GCC 3.4.2 (with -fno-strict-aliasing)
* Added: internally generated html for /internalstatus.html
  and /internaldebug.html (if compiled with debug)
* Added: INFO command shows basic statistics for all channels
* Changed: SERVERLIST command removed, SERVER command with
  no arguments now lists all known servers
* Added: Support for Undernet WALLCHOPS command (WALL)
* Fixed: MODE command now working as intended
* Added: tcl_dcc_sendfile <to> <filename>
  returns filesize on success
* Changed: E3 now accepts nicks of any length
* Added: DCC filesend: SEND [to] <filename>
* Added: now using async/rawdns to lookup uptime hostname
* Added: now using async/rawdns to connect to irc servers
* Changed: timestamp in log format now includes year, month, date
* Fixed: crash bug with `SETPASS <user> none'
* Fixed: crash bug with HELP commands having no arguments
* Added: ALTNICK setting for desired alternate nicks
* Fixed: Removed lingering prototypes in h.h                   [ wy|d + Deke ]
* Added: MD5 support for password encryption
* Fixed: mech.session now gets saved on SHUTDOWN               [ endorphin ]
* Added: CTIMEOUT setting for connection timeouts
* Added: NOTE command to send notes to users in the userlist
  Usage: NOTE <handle>
* Fixed: Respawn counter now works properly when bot restarts
* Added: dynamode.c, dynamic altering of +l limit according
  to the number of users present in the channel
* Fixed: `SETPASS <user> none' bug regarding min pass len
* Changed: SeenList is now kept on process level
* Added: UMODES setting to control the modes that the bot
  sets for itself when connecting to servers
* Changed: ESAY $tog() has been changed into a full-featured
  system that handles all settings; $tog() renamed to $var()
* Fixed: ESAY $tog() parsing bug causing bad output
* Added: Something that still looks like a HTTP interface
  this is a very sketchy feature sofar tho
* Added: Chosen commands {now=HELP,USAGE} can be redirected
  to other users or channels
* Added: ONJOINFILE channel setting, wonder why :]
* Added: greets (re-added from old times)
* Added: Keep debug fd and server sockets when using
  the RESET command. Even tho it execs, it's never
  disconnected from the server.
* Fixed: Auths not timing out if user was visible in           [ found by endorphin ]
  an old (kicked/parted) channel userlist
* Removed: TOG command, use SET instead
* Changed: aliases are now way powerful
* Added: All types of SPY can be redirected to
  channels and/or files.
  Usage: SPY <channel|STATUS|MESSAGE> [channel|">" filename]
  Usage: RSPY <channel|STATUS|MESSAGE> [nick|channel|">" filename]
* Removed: CHANLOG toggle
* Added: Short delay for server reconnect actions
* Fixed: Random server disconnects
* Removed: USTATS, stupid redundant command
* Removed: SHITLVL command, use RSHIT+SHIT instead
* Removed: All linking and telnet code is gone and
  pipeuser code is now broken
* Changed: config file is now a list of `real' commands
* Changed: CMDCHAR <char> --> SET CMDCHAR <char>
* Changed: USERFILE <file> --> SET USERFILE <file>
* Removed: IWM toggle, didnt do anything useful
* Fixed: Random disconnects from DCC
* Added: Extra entries in randinsult.e
* Fixed: Merged endo's seen-ago patch                          [ endorphin ]
* Added: Uptime reporting client code
* Fixed: WinGate proxy now works again...
* Added: Fastnick option hidden in src/config.h
* Fixed: Bot not knowing it was opped when joining             [ found by endorphin ]
  empty channels.
* Changed: Split into ./help/* files
* Fixed: No-key-saved in session file plus some small optimizations...

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