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I spend ... hours on IRC each day.

Whats IRC?92.3%
0-2 hours287.3%
3-5 hours6416.7%
6-12 hours7720.1%
13-24 hours6216.1%
25+ hours14437.5%

Total: 384 votes

I don't know about you, but while on IRC time flies, and I
wouldn't doubt in the least that I spend 25+ hours cybering
those young little... er.. oh wait..

Fri Nov 24 09:01:10 2000

/me says fj33r m4h 25+ hours

Thu Nov 30 02:45:15 2000

I have been told that IRC is this thing where people
from all over the world talk in real time. Wow. Isnt modern
technology wonderful ;-P

Thu Nov 30 11:51:53 2000

Ummm How can you be on irc over 25 hours a day?

Wed Dec 6 23:30:13 2000

Whats IRC ? Can you talk to santa ?
I want a OC-3 connection and a Dual PIII 933 with 200gig+
raid harddisk for xmas..

Thu Dec 7 09:05:42 2000

Well at least I'm not the only loser here :)

Thu Dec 14 12:53:10 2000

shit... and I thought I was the only sicko that spent 25+ a
day on IRC. and i'm still a lame llama with n0 sk1llz ;/

Sat Dec 16 01:53:57 2000

whoops i accidentally voted for 6-12 hours (that im actually
on irc) but 25+ if you count when im not here. HEH.

Sat Dec 16 04:53:58 2000

Ive got to stop running IRC Networks. I just might forget
and start going to work again. >:)
Oh ja and "IRC Rules"

Sun Dec 17 10:20:19 2000

you know your addicted when you've never seen half of your
best friends

Whos addicted???
Wed Dec 20 09:00:11 2000

24hours is the max hours in a day
<--loser :]

Fri Dec 22 14:28:42 2000

i hAx0red yoUr SHiT aNd I uSe CLiCK to DoS yUr L33t A55.

Sun Dec 24 20:06:27 2000


Sun Dec 24 20:13:34 2000

Whats IRC?

Whats IRC?
Sun Dec 24 20:55:50 2000

Please explain how someone can bei 25+hours on IRC a day.
Ok, ok once a year you can be 25 hours on IRC
fuck all lamerz!!!!!

Cpt. Crunch ;)
Tue Dec 26 14:47:12 2000

/me cant get this damn thing to compile on his BSD/OS box.

Sat Dec 30 04:33:27 2000

You can be 25+ on IRC by using 2 clients. 24 hours the
first client and the other hours to other.
Buh! :o)

Sun Dec 31 13:05:28 2000

dammit emech lets anyone use the esay function! ;P
merry crimbo - xmarse all.

Mon Jan 1 17:57:40 2001

25+ is it possible? IRC gas taught me
timetravel...thats right. I jump across the Alabama border,
and irc there, and I get an extra hour....slick i must say

Wed Jan 3 16:17:00 2001

does lying down ircing still count?

Thu Jan 4 11:56:19 2001

oh my god ! more people are IRCing around that the ones
working !!! this might be a tragedy ... but since IRC is
about interacting with people, your boss and you can talk
freely when online ... so either quit your job and stick to
IRCing or don't quit your job relay on IRC to actualy worc
... see, IT's got all the answers one would need ;)

Fri Jan 5 10:46:39 2001

P.S. i am so tired that my prevoius coment makes no sense
... damn it ... i feel exhausted !!! but the IRC channels
are full ... eh ... duty calls ;)

Fri Jan 5 10:49:14 2001

oh my god !! ... i need some coffe .. might get blood in
the coffein curculation ... *phew* that was close...
irc? how long? ... eehhe .. i pleed the fifth !!

there is still a fifth right?? :P

Sun Jan 7 08:36:14 2001

how does a blonde screw in a light bulb??

she just holds it, and waits for the world to revolve
around her.
Tue Jan 9 04:08:41 2001

Hmm 25+ ..

Tue Jan 16 01:51:46 2001

When Im on IRC I mostly idle and work on new OS;s so pj333r.

Tue Jan 16 12:56:18 2001

mass communications is evil whats wrong with doing it 25
hours a day?

Sat Jan 27 16:39:56 2001

with my new l33t sdsl i spend well over 25 hours on irc per
though most of the time i'm idle and/or away. werk, school,

Fri Feb 2 06:20:28 2001


Fri Feb 2 17:53:07 2001

Sat Feb 3 18:53:07 2001

I want broadband!!

Sun Feb 4 14:16:06 2001

I'm online so often that it's more then the hours per
day...Everything can't be correkt..or can it..?

Tue Feb 6 01:20:58 2001

i had to vote for 25+ becuase you fools didnt add a 72
hours a day box =( thanks for not acknowledgeing us
hardcore IRCers and giving all the credit the the 25+

oldskool poser guy
Thu Feb 15 23:32:21 2001

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