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Vintage News


[ May 21st, 2003]

Site back!
Thanks to MadCamel's housecleaning, we located another backup of the website. There still might be a few broken things, like the quotes and voting. We'll try and rectify that asap.

[ May 16th,2003]

Energymech 2.9.3
Energymech now comes with IPv6 support! Also added the trivia question file for download. Get get your copy on the download page..

[ May 4th,2003] down
The regular site is MIA right now. We lost our backup due to a RAID failure, and the machine that hosted the site dropped off the internet before we got a chance to move it to another. This temp site still has a lot of broken links, so don't bother reporting them. We are working to put the rest of the site back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can only offer the source files for download right at the moment.

[ February 2nd,2003]

Energymech 2.9.2
Added dynamic channel limiting (+l) and fixed a few bugs with the trivia support. Get get your copy on the download page.

[ December 30th,2002]

Energymech 2.8.5
Nothing major, a few bug fixes, some crashes under extraordinary circumstances. Get get your copy on the download page.

[ December 24th,2002]

Energymech 2.9.1
This new version of the bot from the development branch has the trivia game added. Other new features are that channel logging now goes into logs/ in format and the sample configuration file has been updated to show how to use Undernet's new host hiding features. Get get your copy on the download page. For information on how to setup the trivia game, check out the README.FEATURES file.

[ December 18th,2002]

Not much has been happening in the emech camp lately, as you might have noticed. We've all been too busy or lazy. Version 2.9.1 from the dev branch will have the trivia game, and it will be available by Christmas day so you can waste away your holidays on IRC playing it ;-)

[ April 1st,2002]

EnergyMech 2.8.4 and 2.9.0
Energymech 2.8.4 is the latest stable release, incorporating a few bugfixes. Energymech 2.9.0 is the first release version of the new development branch, which is based on the stable branch but has a few extra features including generic services support, dynamic aliases and topic refreshing. Go to the download page and grab your preferred package.

[ September 19th,2001]

EnergyMech 2.99.59
Brand new feature-packed version. Now includes a simple but well-working IRC proxy. Download it and read all about the proxy on the E3 primer page.

[ August 18th,2001]

EnergyMech v3.0 (2.99.54) Primer
I've put up a primer page for those who want to test out the all new, funky, cool, radical, hip, freaky, bombastic, spicy, sleak, mean and totally awesome EnergyMech v2.99.54 (and up). It's not intended for newbies. You'll have to learn on your own as there is little to no documentation. Most online commands are the same as in 2.8.x but many things are also different. If you're bold and daring and want to be among the first to use one of the new EnergyMechs, then by all means check it out and give it a try.

[ August 6th,2001]

Silly IRC quotes page!
Can any IRC-related website be complete without one of these pages? I think not! Go see what people have pasted from YOUR chat sessions on the IRC Quote page.

[ July 28th,2001]

Techheads -- A Study in Geekdom
You dont want to miss out on this new addition to the #emech funny stuff pages! Written by friend-of-the-channel KangaMitz.

[ July 6th,2001]

MechNet is back
MechNet is back after redesigning their webpage and moving it to a different server. The new design is based on PHPNuke and has that community site look. They're just starting again, but they already have a few reviews, links and downloads. Go there and check out their stuff. MechNet [Link Obsoleted].

[ June 29th,2001]

EnergyMech 2.8.3
Bugfix for the plentiful crash bug related to chop() and Strcasecmp() code. Improved genuser and cvsupdate scripts. Go to the download page and grab your preferred package.

[ June 21st,2001]

EnergyMech 2.8.2
More bugfixes and patches. Helpful script included for those who wants easy CVS updates. Setup mode has been removed since too many EnergyMechs was stolen from newbie users, you now create the first userlist(s) with a program.

[ June 7th,2001]

EnergyMech enabled Shell Service
Hop on over to Cosmic-Cow.Net and get yourself an EnergyMech ready shell. Easy setup and pre-compiled EnergyMechs are available along with vhosts. Good stable shell service, sign up now!

[ June 7th,2001]

EnergyMech Versions
The CVS version (v2.8.2) will most likely be released in a little while (on June 21st, unless anything changes).

EnergyMech 3.x (E3) beta development is moving along, experienced EnergyMech users can download it and take a look for themselves: emech-2.99.30.tar.gz [Link Obsoleted]. It's quite undocumented for now, but contains a sample.conf to get you started. There is basic TCL support in E3, but there are no scripts as of yet, the API is still being worked out. Perl support is expected later on (atleast before the official 3.0 release).

Uptime.EnergyMech.Net is back, running with new development code.

[ April 1st,2001]

EnergyMech 2.8.1
The first CVS version released, contains a bundle of bugfixes. Download it and enjoy your new, more stable EnergyMech more than ever before. Head on over to the download page and select the package you desire. The CVS and uptimes database is unfortunatly offline again. Hopefully we'll get it up again soon.

[ March 6th,2001]

EnergyMech by CVS
The stable EnergyMech version is now accessible via anonymous CVS for anyone who wants to grab the very latest. Instructions will be available on the download page shortly.

[ March 6th,2001]

Generic Updates
Ok, the website has now been partially updated with the new design. I hope you all like it and that it doesnt contain any layout bugs. The development of the stable EnergyMech (v2.x) has been taken over by endorphin and madcamel, so they are the ones to complain to now. I (proton) am still heading up the development of the next generation, version 3.x. There has been some progress, but some major parts are still missing (like botnet).

[ November 8th,2000]

EnergyMech 2.8

This is EnergyMech version 2.8 stable ... need I say more? You can also pick up EnergyMech 2.99p6 (devel).

[ October 12th,2000]

Lots of Small News

The latest stable-beta is EnergyMech 2.8rc4, it should be more stable than any previous release but its still somewhat untested. The latest development betas are EnergyMech 2.7.7p15 [Link Obsoleted] and EnergyMech 2.99p5. 2.7.7p15 is semi-stable but 2.99p5 is for hardcore developers only. You should also go check out where MadCamel is working on the bot uptime statistics project. Right now its in alpha stages but there is some live data to look at already.

[ June 4th,2000]

EnergyMech and Web Updates
Finally took the time to make an official fix for the no-connect problem. Have also been updating the website a bit, adding search and statistics [Link Obsoleted]. Does anyone have any new ideas for voting questions? Mail me at proton-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net.

[ June 2nd,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.6u1
This version fixes the bug where the bot would not connect to IRC properly.

[ February 17th,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.6
Fixes alot of bugs and crash stuff. Should be rock steady...

[ February 12th,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.5
One word: Optimizations! This release should consume only one tenth the cpu compared to previous versions. "How?" you may ask yourself.. Well, the EnergyMech used to be a hack of many different bots, and thus had alot of redundant code. Alot of that stuff has been optimized away along with many general improvements. The CHANNELS command now also displays everything that the CSTATS and ALLSTATS commands used to display. That obviously makes CSTATS and ALLSTATS redundant and they have been removed accordingly... GO GET!!

[ January 31st,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.4
Bugfixes only. Fixes two crash bugs (one obscure, one significant) and one minor issue. This release should be as stable as 2.7.1 plus some. Get it before the next version sees the light of day ;P

[ January 19th,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.3
This is mostly a bugfix release. It fixes the fork problem that occurs when the EnergyMech is compiled without debug support, and also fixes the compiler error when the EnergyMech is configured without PIPEUSER support. There is a small potential for new bugs in the AVOICE and on_join() system, but its not likely. A couple of crash bugs has been fixed, so this version should be more stable than previous ones. There is now a larger selection of pre-compiled EnergyMechs.

[ January 16th,2000]

EnergyMech 2.7.2
Ok now, this is the first release in this millenium and I hope you'll enjoy it! This time there is also binaries available for those who are too lazy to compile their own -- but only for Linux/ix86-glibc2 and Solaris/sparc. If you want your EnergyMech(s) to work on other machines, you'll still have to compile your own.

[ December 2nd,1999]

EnergyMech 2.7.1
This is a kind of im-bored-lets-do-something-crazy release. If you're really worried about bugs, you probably want to wait a little while before trying this version. Dont forget to try out the new pipeuser feature, it will rock your ballz!

[ November 18th,1999]

Mailinglist News
The energymech mailing list has changed name to the more appropriate emech-announce. Also, a new mailing list named emech-dev has been started for discussions regarding the development of the EnergyMech. To subscribe to a list, send a mail to with "subscribe <name-of-list>" in the body.

[ October 24th,1999]

EnergyMech 2.7.0
All the new fixes started to become unmanagable so I decided to put out a new version. Version 2.7.0 contains some new linking code that is incompatible with older versions, so dont link old with new mechs unless you tolerate desynched link-lists. Due to the parse_kick() bug in earlier versions, everyone should upgrade to this new version. Two archives are available for download. One is the standard gzip'd and one is bzip2'd. Dont download the bzip2 archive unless you are sure your shell has bzip2.

[ October 15th,1999]

EnergyMech Mailing List
There's now an energymech mailing list for all of you to enjoy. To subscribe, send an email to with "subscribe energymech" in the body.

[ September 10th,1999]

New stuff is autovoice support. Other than that mostly bugfixes.

[ June 8th,1999]

Bugfixes, one showstopper bug (setup mode + add user = no access for anyone) and some other minor ones. This should be a well working bot. If you find any more bugs, don't hesitate to send me an email about it. Due to the incomplete user sharing it is still beta.

[ June 1st,1999]

In this version I did some major structural rewrites. It took me about 12 hours of non-stop coding for the simple task of *rewriting* the code. Debugging and adding features such as WinGate connects and user sharing across mechnets took another 12+ hours. But it all seems to work OK now. If you're bold and daring, try it out for yourself.

[ May 29th,1999]

Due to new features v2.5.31 actually turned into v2.6.0. This release is not entirely stable but it should do pretty good compared to v2.5.30. New for this release is telnet support and the new ALIAS feature. Plus the usual bugfixes ofcourse. See the changelog for all the details.

[ May 29th,1999]

The Win32 EnergyMech package has been updated with a fresher copy directly from Azmodan (the guy that did the port).

[ May 14th,1999]

Website downtime
The machine used to host this website is being moved to a new location with a new T3 connection. This move will take place during the weekend. Expected downtime is from saturday to sunday, but it could be longer. In any event, it should be up and running again shortly after the move.

[ May 6th,1999]

Non-public Beta 10
Due to all the fantastic support Im getting for the development of the EnergyMech, I have decided to make Beta 10 a non-public distribution. For those who are less enlightened, "fantastic" is major sarcasm... See the changelog to know what you're missing out on.

[ April 17th,1999]

So, I've now decided to put out a public beta of the 2.5.31 version. You should read the changelog to find out what's been changed. It would also be a good thing for me if ya'll could fill out the Survey file that comes with this beta since I don't really know how many uses the mech and so on.

[ April 14th,1999]

Win32 Mech mirrored
The Win32 port of the Starglider Class EnergyMech version 2.5.30 is now mirrored on this server. Do not expect any support for it as the EnergyMech was never supposed to run under Win32 which is a system very different from any UNIX flavour. We have no way of controlling that the files are virus-free or backdoor-free so we cannot accept any responsibility for them. We also will not provide any help for the Win32 port as it may contain bugs or misfeatures that does not occur in the real UNIX version.

[ April 12th,1999]

Lamer loose in #Mech
A quick way to get your name onto this website is to go into #Mech and act stupid. Swoop2 did just this and we dedicate this page to his efforts. But, ... was he acting?!? If anyone else manages to demonstrate their incomplete ability to comprehend any documentation for the EnergyMech in the same manner, we will dedicate pages in their honour as well. Check the #emech page for future logs...

[ April 12th,1999]

Win32 Mech location
I received an email from (anonymous) pointing me to (reference removed). This is supposed to be the Win32 port of the Starglider Class version 2.5.30. I am not responsible for making this port, so if you have any trouble with it whatsoever, don't come to me complaining.

[ April 4th,1999]

Win32 Mech?
I've heard there is a Win32 port of the 2.5.30 version of the Starglider Class EnergyMech. If people are interested, I will try and get a hold of a copy for the download section.

[ March 20th,1999]

Online Help
The online help section of this website is taking form. Due to the new layout (as compared with the old layout used on the mirror sites), all of the help documents has to be rewritten from scratch. A FAQ will also be made available shortly.

[ January 16th,1999]

Development of version 2.5.31
Version 2.5.31 is still in development. When, or even if, there will be a public release is uncertain. Due to the fact that the EnergyMech doesn't seem to be a very popular project, I (proton) don't feel very much like releasing new versions. A lot of fixes has been made but it seems that no matter how much I fix, tweak, develop and work with it, everyone still keeps asking for more. This has been a one-man project from the beginning and I am getting a bit tired of doing everything myself...

[ January 15th,1999]

Website updating
Macro/script utility has been finished for making website updates easier in the future. Construction of this website is still underway (as you might have noticed), but I hope it will start getting some substance soon.

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