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Related Links

Addicti0n.netAddicti0n Network Solutions. Provider of shells, web hosting, etc.

Cosmic-cow.netCosmic-cow Internet Services. Provider of shells, web hosting, etc.
EggHeads.OrgHome of eggdrop development team.
EnergyMech on GoogleSearch Google for more EnergyMech information.
EnergyMech 2.x install guideEnergyMech 2.x install guide.
FreshMeat.Net Project PageThe FreshMeat project page for the EnergyMech.
Ftp.EggHeads.OrgThe main EnergyMech FTP site (maintained by guppy).
SourceForge Project PageThe SourceForge project page for the EnergyMech.
Undernet.OrgWebsite of the IRC network that is home of the #emech channel.
Wikipedia EntryThe EnergyMech Wikipedia Entry
Win32 EnergyMechUp to date ports of the EnergyMech to Win32.

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