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Posted :: 6:28am, Fri, Jul 14, 2006     Subject :: New tcl-detection, perl support..

    Hi all. Dunno it is bug or smthng. But i want it to be fixed.

1. It checks for "-ltcl" and "-ltcl8.0" BUT not for the new tcl 8.4. So i replaced -"ltcl8.0" with "-ltcl8.4" and all gone fine.
2. How i could turn on support for perl-scripting? By hand in configure with changing yes -> no? I saw that: "[2] (Yes) features are not yet functional in the v2.99 releases, but will hopefully be fully functional by the time v3.0 is released." I think.. 3.0 already relesed.. But if it's not supported.. maybe u should remove this [y/N] option to not to confuse users?


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