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Forum Index :: Bug Reports :: crash of 3.0.1 when using command USER followed by a space :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 11:14pm, Mon, Oct 3, 2005     Subject :: crash of 3.0.1 when using command USER followed by a space

Posts: 12
    if you use the command "user" without any arguments but with a space after the command (like "-user ") the bot crashes

i don't know if this happens only with the USER command or with other commands as well, i haven't checked it yet

Posted :: 8:46am, Tue, Oct 4, 2005

Posts: 54
    I just tested it (with emech-3.0.1 / 28. Aug) and i cannot confirm this. This
error doesn't happen here. But i found some other quirks:

Some commands do redirect the usage output to the channel rather than to the DCC
chat window:

[11:20:30] --> e3tstm ( has joined #agotest
[11:20:49] <e3tstm> Usage: BIGSAY [channel] <message>
[11:20:56] <e3tstm> Usage: SCREW [channel] <nick> [reason]
[11:23:11] <e3tstm> Usage: BAN [channel] <nick|mask>

while ping, greet, user etc. gives their usage output in the DCC window.


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