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Forum Index :: Bug Reports :: Help command don't work in DCC chat energymech version EnergyMech 3.0.99p3 :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 12:11am, Wed, Sep 23, 2009     Subject :: Help command don't work in DCC chat energymech version EnergyMech 3.0.99p3

Posts: 1
    look at the debug info...
when only asking:: help
it works fine.
(in) {8} help
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 0: 8ball, verify
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 10: access, bye, chat, dns, down, echo, help, passwd, send,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] usage
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 20: ontime, uptime, ver, whom
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 40: ban, banlist, cchan, channels, cserv, deop, esay, idle,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] info, invite, kb, kick, lusers, me, mode, names, note, op,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] read, say, screw, set, siteban, sitekb, time, topic, unban,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] unvoice, up, user, userhost, voice, wall, who, whois
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 50: greet, insult, pickup, qshit, rsay, rshit, rt, shit,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] shitlist
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 60: ctcp, ping, showidle, userlist
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 70: cycle, forget, join, ks, notify, part, rks, setpass
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 80: alias, away, bigsay, cmd, last, load, msg, nextserver,
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] save, server, servergroup, stats, unalias
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 90: chaccess, clearshit, do, link, nick, rspy, spy, upsend
(to_user) {8} [cavalier] Level 100: core, debug, die, dnsroot, dnsserver, reset, shutdown

but if you ask:: help op it won't reply

(in) {8} help part
(in) {8} help op
(in) {8} help deop
(in) {8} help voice
(in) {8} help unvoice
(in) {8} help cycle
(in) {8} help save
(in) {8} help nextserver
(in) {8} help server

chek it please.

Posted :: 7:17pm, Thu, Oct 1, 2009

Posts: 165
    Fixed in p4, was a snafu with the new safepath function


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