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Forum Index :: Bug Reports :: EnergyMech 2 - long standing bug found in function sockread - copy overlapping string :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 10:19pm, Sun, Aug 28, 2011     Subject :: EnergyMech 2 - long standing bug found in function sockread - copy overlapping string

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    Perhaps there's someone alive who's interested:
In all current emech-2 versions (afaik) the function sockread (see src/socket.c) may cause string corruption as strcpy is not allowed for copying overlapping strings.

Usually it works, but on a modern computer (core2quad 64 bit, gentoo) there may be mplementations of strcopy which rely on the fact that source and destination string must not overlap.

In fact i found, that the String "UserShare" has been modified to "UrerShare" and "activate" to "activete". Was fun to catch the error :)

char *sockread(int s, char *rest, char *line)
char tmp[MSGLEN];
char *pt,*tp;
int l;

pt = rest;
if ((*pt == '\n') || (*pt == '\r'))
*pt = 0;
while((*pt == '\n') || (*pt == '\r'))

/* ERROR: strcpy -> dest and source MUST NOT overlap, see manpage!
* And i got caught by an error where this shit modified the buffer
* so that "UserShare" was "UrerShare", or "activate" was "activete".
* (on gentoo x64)
/* NO NO NO NO strcpy(rest,pt); NO NO NO NO */
tp = rest;
while((*tp = *pt))

Posted :: 5:11am, Thu, Sep 22, 2011

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    might be a problem with old libc, strcpy string integrity should be implicit, if it fails its a bad libc implementation...

Posted :: 3:43pm, Tue, Nov 15, 2011

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    For memcpy overlapping is ok, but for str(n)cpy the behaviour is undefined and may result in string corruption.


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