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Forum Index :: Ideas and Suggestions :: Recognize netsplits / add a splitlist :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 4:49am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004     Subject :: Recognize netsplits / add a splitlist

Posts: 54
    To prevent ugly (mass) deops after a netsplit->rejoin, let the bot remember
who had op before. This list needs to time out after a time (1800 seconds =
30 minutes). If those users rejoin and get server-op'd just do not deop them
if SD is set. Let the bot remember the time of the last split for information

<Icks> .splits
<X-Damage> Last netstplit detected 03:06:27 Dec 09 2004 (0 days 02:41:06 ago)
<X-Damage> The splitlist for channel #agotest is empty

(Otherwise users who're gone in a netsplit would be listed)

Posted :: 5:50am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 165
    On undernet its impossible to reliably detect netsplits.
Any system can be fooled.

Posted :: 6:36am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 54
    Dont know for undernet, but new upcoming ircd-2.11 (IRCnet) puts the quit message
in "" (quotes) when its user generated. If quotes are missing, its a server-
generated message. Also i wasn't able to generate a faked split-quit message with
other ircd. If i try, then the server adds an space to the msg and it's not
recognized as a netsplit.

Why should an user fake a quit message and abuse the bot this way? If the (ab)user
has already op, then he doesn't need to fake a quit... If a user doesn't have
op, then he wont get added to the splitlist on any type of quit (only opped and
unknown users get into the split list).

Posted :: 8:11am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 165
    There is a lot of "sane" stuff a bot could do when it assumes a netsplit
is going on, like stopping +l updating, not server-deopping, yadda yadda
Things that would be easy for a non-user to abuse.

Posted :: 9:12am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 54
    Morning :-)

Well, i can't imagine how those 'sane' stuff could work with the current mech.
The solution for the +l problem is simple: If the server issues a '+l xxx'
on a netjoin, the bot issues a -l and later on a correct +l. The non server-
deopping cannot be abused because the abuser need to have already op before the
split occures (so the bot see him opped (in the aChanUser record) AND netsplit-
quit). Dont know if there are other possible problems.


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