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Forum Index :: Ideas and Suggestions :: IRCnet +I and +e modes :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 11:07am, Wed, Dec 8, 2004     Subject :: IRCnet +I and +e modes

    Would love to dump Eggdrop(s) to /dev/null if EnergyMech could handle those
IRCnet's +I/e chanmodes....
More about those +I/e modes here:

Posted :: 3:53am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 54
    Should be easy to implement. My modified 2.9.5 has full working +e/+I support
(i.e. doesn't kick someone who is banned on the channel but has a ban exception
set), and basic support for +R (reop) modes.

Btw: A good thing to implement is to announce perm bans (shitlevel 3) over the
botnet. I made it so that every 10 minutes if an active ban matches a shitted
user with shitlevel 3, it will be announced to the botnet and other linked
bots just update their when_the_ban_has_been_set time, so a bot doesnt remove
the ban just after AUB (must be higher than 10) minutes because he doesnt know
its a sticky ban on another bot. Same for +e/+I (and +R) modes.

Damn my english is as bad as usual :)

Posted :: 4:01am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 165
    Since Ive never been on ircnet I have no idea what the heck those modes are for.

Posted :: 4:31am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 54
    They all are simple masks in the format of a ban mask.

+e is for setting ban exceptions, i.e. you can ban a whole country with the command
"mode #emech +b *!*@*.it" and set a ban exception "mode #emech +e *!*@*"
so a user with host can join, but others from *.it can't.

+I (uppercase i!) sets an 'invite override' mask. If you have set an channel to +i,
then only users who get invited by a channel operator can join a channel. Just
place an "mode #emech +I *!*@*" and users with this host could join,
regardless of the channel beeing +i.

+R is a very new thing and this is a special Reop-mask. This is nothing a bot
should worry about (except it could remove these modes from users he dont know).
If a channel gets opless, then after some time users with a matching host may
get server-opped. This is currently in developing in ircd-2.11

You may download my modified mech if you want... should be easy to implement
in your new E3 (im glad to see that development continues!)

Posted :: 5:16pm, Thu, Dec 9, 2004

Posts: 28
    I wrote about +e and +I mode somewhere.. But I didn`t know that you haven`t it
on undernet. I`m sorry.
I think it`s a good idea to have e3 on ircnet with all known ircnet channel flags.

Posted :: 10:48pm, Sun, Dec 12, 2004

    So, EnergyMech can handle those IRCnet's +I/e modes :o
Is there any patch that I can use...?

Posted :: 11:14pm, Tue, Dec 14, 2004

Posts: 54
    DeltaFire: If you want, you can take a look at my patched e2 and try to patch
the e3 (but i think for e3 this would be a rewrite). You may ontact me at
<agonizer(at)> and i'll send you either the tar.gz or the DL link.


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