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Forum Index :: Ideas and Suggestions :: enhanced USERLIST command, extra flags to user entries :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 5:10am, Thu, Dec 9, 2004     Subject :: enhanced USERLIST command, extra flags to user entries

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    Allow for showing users with flags set or unset, i.e. to show all users with
auto-op but without a password, you type "USERLIST +AO -PASS", or use the
switch "-V" for less verbose or "+V" for more verbose output. Example:

<Icks> .userlist #agotest -v
<X-Damage> [Userlist for X-Damage]
<X-Damage> User : agonizer Access:70 [P2/--/AO/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> User : telnet Access:70 [P0/PW/--/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> User : x-damage Access:200 [P2/--/--/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> User : sabine83 Access:200 [P2/--/--/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> User : Icks Access:70 [P2/--/AO/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> [End of userlist]
<Icks> .userlist agonizer #agot* +v
<X-Damage> [Userlist for X-Damage]
<X-Damage> Users on channel #agotest matching your search criteria:
<X-Damage> User : agonizer Access:70 [P2/--/AO/--] C:#agotest
<X-Damage> Flags : +Global
<X-Damage> Host(s) : *!*agonizer@3ffe:b80:154e:1:0:0:0:?
<X-Damage> *!*
<X-Damage> Modified: 20:25:55 Jun 02 2004
<X-Damage> Origin : Creator:*globalcopy@X-Damage Modified:Agonizer@X-Damage
<X-Damage> A total of 1 users on #agotest
<X-Damage> 1 out of 5 users found on 1 userlist

Of course, the code for this userlist command is very complex. But i like it :)

Additional flags for users could be:

+LOCK User entry is locked and will not be modified on userfile
+NOSHARE This user will not be shared to other bots (also changes
will not be distributed through the botnet)
+DISABLE This user is disabled (no protection, no access) in case
of 'abuse'
+GLOBAL If the bot joins a new channel, then all users on the
admin channel with this flag set will be copied to the
channels userlist. (Auto-filling channel userlist).
+TELNET If the user is allowed to use telnet-login then set this
flag. The user must have a password set and must not be
+EXCEPT If supported by the network, a ban exception for that user
(+e <mask>) will be set if USEEXCEPT is set to 1
+INVITE If supported by the network, an invite-override mask for
that user (+I <mask>) will be set if USEINVITE is set to 1
+REOP EXPERIMENTAL: Flag is currently supported in config only,
no supporting code for that mode is currently present!

Ok, thats enough ideas and suggestions for e3 today. I hope you like them.


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