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Forum Index :: Ideas and Suggestions :: IRC to SMS or any text messaging in cell phone :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 2:18pm, Tue, May 17, 2005     Subject :: IRC to SMS or any text messaging in cell phone

    If the IRC bot will send messages to an email account or accounts, or most
modile phone's email box, e.g. SMS, then the bot can noticify events such as
the bot be banned, deopped, or even better, the bot can forward everything
going on in the IRC channel to the phone using SMS, that would like have a IRC
in the phone.

Sometime, it is not possible to be in front the computer, or access the IRC
channel, and just say on the road or having dinner with your girlfriend, the
start point having the IRC bot send a message to phone. Of course, it would
be nicer, if the IRC bot also can control from the phone.


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