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Forum Index :: Energymech 2.x Development :: 2.x Obsolete :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 3:41pm, Tue, Aug 16, 2005     Subject :: 2.x Obsolete

Posts: 12
    EnergyMech 2.x is now considered obsolete. I highly doubt there will be any more
official releases of it. 3.x is the way to go with a much cleaner codebase and
way of doing things.

Posted :: 11:51pm, Tue, Aug 16, 2005

Posts: 54

Posted :: 6:05am, Mon, Sep 26, 2005     Subject :: Patches, etc

Posts: 12
    Perhaps you should post links to your patchsets here for those still interested in 2.x..

Posted :: 9:21am, Wed, Sep 28, 2005

Posts: 54
    tk@agonizer ~/Projects/energymech $ du -hs emech-2.9.4
753K emech-2.9.4
tk@agonizer ~/Projects/energymech $ du -hs emech-2.9.6
1.2M emech-2.9.6
tk@agonizer ~/Projects/energymech $ diff -arP --exclude CVS emech-2.9.4 emech-2.9.6 > patchfile
tk@agonizer ~/Projects/energymech $ du -hs patchfile
809K patchfile


I dont know if i will make it available for DL again until i sorted some things
out, as some time ago you (or endo?) and proton asked me to change the name
(or just stop calling it emech-4 ;-) which, of course, i will respect.

The Problem is, that it started as a patch but reached a point where it isn't
just a simple patch/addon. Patching a 2.9.4 mech with this 'patchfile' would
require (manual) adjustments to configuration and userfiles. Also i REMOVED
some features from the mech in my patched version, i.e. Pipeuser-support, the
commands INSULT, PICKUP, SCREW, ALIAS and RT are gone (the ALIAS command is
now a script, see
- this is currently working on a test bot). I know there are different goals
for 'your' mech (tiny, small, fast, compiles everywhere) and 'my', as it now
becomes a kind of bloatware (the scripting interface routines (lua.c) is
112kb in size). Well, and i have to fix the configure script now ;)

Posted :: 8:34pm, Tue, Mar 7, 2006     Subject :: emech-2.9.x with lua (xonerator)

Posts: 54
    Hi, just for those who're interested i just finished the lua enhanced
energymech ('xonerator'), based on 2.9.x with massive modifications
(which means, userfile format is not compatible with energymech):
you also need lua:

quick'n'dirty install:

foo:~$ wget
foo:~$ tar -xzf xonerator-1.tar.gz
foo:~$ cd xonerator-1
foo:~/xonerator-1$ wget
foo:~/xonerator-1$ ./configure
foo:~/xonerator-1$ make install

Some documentation is included (see ./docs/*). You'll find some scripts

HIW (Hope it works... :-)


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