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Forum Index :: EnergyMech 3.x Development :: Add Broken? :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 2:00pm, Sun, Aug 19, 2007     Subject :: Add Broken?

Posts: 1
    I compiled the latest source with all options set to "YES", I used the default config of course changing the options that needed changing, linked two bots together without any issues but when I go and add them so they can AOP themselves this is the reply I get;

(23:51:24) <damier> -add
(23:51:24) (ando_) Squeeze me?

And theres no response in channel nor in DCC for the ADD help menu.

(23:59:41) <damier> -help add
(23:59:41) (ando_) No help found for "add"

Did I miss something or?

Posted :: 12:07pm, Fri, Aug 24, 2007

Posts: 165
    "add" is no more, use "user"

Posted :: 3:51pm, Mon, Sep 17, 2007

    Hello, I'm just having the same "problem" ^__^

I tried adding a User with !user but I didn't manage to do so, can anyone show me how to use the syntax to add a user?

Thanks a lot

Posted :: 4:00pm, Mon, Sep 17, 2007

    nevermind, I got it.

duh, I need glasses ^^


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