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Forum Index :: EnergyMech 3.x Development :: Chanlog with 2.99.84 :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 11:35pm, Tue, Jul 12, 2005     Subject :: Chanlog with 2.99.84

    I am most impressed with how the dev of 3 is coming and I'm quite liking some of the new features, however i'm curious as to what happened with chanlog?

My mech used to just sit in a channel to log all chats going on, but now, I can't find the methods with 2.99.84 to log channels. I've tried old commands for it, modifying to resemble the new method (ie !set rather than !tog) but still nothing.

Can you tell me, has the support for channel logging on a per channel basis been developed and implemented yet? If not, can it be put on your list to develop and implement?

I've followed emechs for about 3 years now and I like the route they are taking :) Keep up the great work.

Posted :: 9:49am, Wed, Jul 13, 2005

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    SPY #anychannel > FILENAME

can be used in config file.
FILENAME is appended

Posted :: 4:21pm, Wed, Jul 13, 2005

Posts: 28
    proton.. but the chanlog file will always bigger and bigger and the mech owner must after some days change this file in config file, or rewrite file on server... And Chanlog at older version sorted every day to new file..

Posted :: 3:50am, Thu, Jul 14, 2005

Posts: 165
    So? Make a cronjob to swap out/rename the file.

why should mech be encumbered with something so easy to do outside it?

Posted :: 2:20pm, Sat, Aug 13, 2005

    because its much easier to do within it?
can`t change it in an easy way, for e.g. that ddmmyy.botname.log is used ...?

Posted :: 9:50pm, Sat, Aug 13, 2005

    Do you mean like?
mv FILENAME "$(date)""botname.log"
which you can run in cron on daily basis?

Posted :: 7:02am, Mon, Aug 15, 2005

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Posted :: 4:26pm, Thu, Sep 8, 2005

    Except for the ones, who don't have access to cron, like me. And I must even use the old 2.8 series (creates a single big logfile), because the 2.9 series won't compile because of the gcc problem, which isn't fixed before 3.0, where the logging feature doesn't exist anymore. And besides, a big part of 2.8's features don't even work on me (dunno why), so I have to choose between logging and other features, or install two versions of the bot, 2.8x and 3.x.

I've even tried searching for the old source code to add logging into 3.1, but in vain, because I'm _that_ bad with c++ and the code structure has changed more or less. Yes, I should probably get a better shell account.

Posted :: 4:46pm, Thu, Sep 8, 2005

    Actually, it would be enough if you could advise, what to modify in the source code to make the new 3.0 series logs go according to the old format. Without that month and day and year. So that I wouldn't need to reset channel stats parsed from the old logs.

Posted :: 9:03am, Fri, Sep 9, 2005

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Posted :: 1:46pm, Fri, Sep 9, 2005

    Could you give a bit more specific place? Tried over an hour now (my c++ is helloworld) and couldn't get a slightest idea. And one of my friends just told me, that he doesn't think it's possible within spy.c. Tried grepping the whole source for strftime and _strdate and alike, but no hits.

Posted :: 10:38pm, Fri, Sep 9, 2005

Posts: 165
    spy.c, send_spy(), and no im not going to teach you C

Posted :: 8:30pm, Sat, Sep 10, 2005

Posts: 12
    Just another suggestion: make a fully customizable logformat, even with custom filenames.
Too much work? Maybe it is, but there's an IRC bouncer which already does this: ctrlproxy.
I don't know if it is possible to make an interface to the log_custom module of it, but if it would be possible, it should be very easy to use the logging modules of ctrlproxy.
If it won't be possible you could at least look at the source code of it.


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