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Forum Index :: EnergyMech 3.x Development :: The Future: Energymech 3.1 :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 12:00pm, Tue, Dec 21, 2004     Subject :: The Future: Energymech 3.1

Posts: 165
    It is envisioned that 3.0 will NOT contain ircnet support while
a future 3.1 will. Im not making any other predictions right now.


Posted :: 3:40am, Fri, Sep 2, 2005     Subject :: buggeri bugs

    firts off all i want to thank you for the best bot ever (2.9.4) ;)
i'm testing 3.0.1 now and i'm not loving it, the bigsay thing was a little cool
but nothing else.
[2@Sep:05:35:35] <emech301> Help on stats
[2@Sep:05:35:36] <emech301> Level needed: 80
[2@Sep:05:35:36] <emech301> Usage: STATS <type> [servername]
[2@Sep:05:35:36] <emech301> Usage: STATS <type> [servername]
[2@Sep:05:35:36] <emech301> Show server status lines.
[2@Sep:05:35:36] <emech301> See also: LINKS, LUSERS

as you can see there is repeation, not just here other help files to as
nextserver, and when we are talking about nextserver, that is the only "server"
command that works, serverlist is just "Squeeze me?" and the bot won't change
server when i type f.eks "-server 6667" and so on.
there is no help for notify and note, and where is the -report command?
Squeeze me for bothering...

Posted :: 4:51am, Sat, Sep 3, 2005

    and sorry for posting this as a reply to this topic, was to tired to do
anything right.

Posted :: 1:34pm, Fri, Jul 27, 2007     Subject :: cmon

    emech was so cool with shellcmd , why wipe something when it's so popular ?


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