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Posted :: 6:29am, Tue, Jun 6, 2006     Subject :: dcc help cmds suggestion

Posts: 5
    hi developers

when i type .user to find out how to add a user, this is the responce i get.

<fart> .user
<sk8r01> Usage: USER [+|-] <handle> [modifiers [...]]

how to know the correct cmd (below) needs a channel name in
between the nick & host section, plus levels, unless u read the USER help file?

<fart> .user +sk8r03 #dizzyd *!*@*.optus.cnet 200

Can the developers plz make the bot return all possibilities
of cmds when triggered through dcc chat? otherwise it'll take
years to figure out how to use energymech.
Can the webmaster plz remove all dead bot commands from this sites
bot commands page?

thanks for listening :)


Posted :: 6:41am, Tue, Jun 6, 2006

Posts: 28
    try to type .help user in chat ... the bot writes you all about command user and about`ll see your command .. if you`ll not understand, write it to forum, I help you.

Posted :: 7:00am, Tue, Jun 6, 2006

Posts: 5
    yes yes so sorry Dimi,
i overlooked the "help user" cmd.
plz delete this thread?
i just realised it was in the wrong section :)


ps: dimi did u see my "linking" topic post? any ideas why it doesnt work?

Posted :: 7:43am, Wed, Jun 7, 2006

Posts: 28
    Farto I think you can`t link your bots, because you have before command "link" notice char -> ";" .. So..

1.) delete char ";" from this lines in your config file:

;link 12345 botnetpass123
;link 12346 botnetpass123
;link 12347 botnetpass123

link 12345 botnetpass123
link 12346 botnetpass123
link 12347 botnetpass123

2.)turn off the bots
3.) delete session files from bot`s folder
4.) restart the bots


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