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Forum Index :: EnergyMech 3.x Development :: the .op cmd not working :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 8:37am, Sun, Nov 6, 2005     Subject :: the .op cmd not working

    do i need to make something special to make it work ?
.voice works and .mode +o nick or whatever works
how can i make .op to work ? the bot just ignores.

Posted :: 3:43pm, Fri, Dec 9, 2005

    what emech version u are using? with 2.9.X and 3.0.1 it`s ok.

<ToT--> !op
--- LinkMania gives channel operator status to ToT--

Posted :: 8:25am, Fri, Dec 23, 2005

    its .op
i use v3.0.1 , it seems to work sometimes
[07:20] Dejavu .op aws
[07:20] * mech sets modes [#t123 +o AWS]
[07:20] Dejavu .op
[07:22] Dejavu .op Dejavu
[07:22] Dejavu .mode +o Dejavu
[07:22] * mech sets modes [#t123 +o Dejavu]

Posted :: 5:22pm, Wed, Dec 28, 2005

Posts: 54
    The bot isn't opping you because you are already opped?

Posted :: 5:21pm, Fri, Dec 30, 2005

    i wasnt opped
.mode +o dejavu
worked, seems .up works more then .op also
even thu they should do the same

Posted :: 6:41pm, Fri, Nov 2, 2007     Subject :: Problem oping and deoping

    why this mech dosnt support deop * and voice * and op * ???

Posted :: 3:26am, Sun, Nov 4, 2007

Posts: 165
    this could be a compiler bug, i have looked over the code and there is no bug in it.
i worked around it tho in my own unpublished version

try compiling it with an older gcc and see if it does the same thing


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