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Posted :: 11:04am, Wed, Jun 6, 2007     Subject :: Different IP

Posts: 4

Is it possible to give an emech it's own ip for in case a server has multiple IPs.

Since now i each time get a wrong ip from that emech.
It doesn't have a virtual host bound to any of those ips though else that would solve the problem.

Posted :: 6:04pm, Wed, Jun 6, 2007

Posts: 165
    virtual <your IP of choise>

Posted :: 6:56pm, Wed, Jun 6, 2007

Posts: 4
    well problem is i already tried that and still it shows my internet IP instead of a network IP the emech is running on

Posted :: 6:49am, Thu, Jun 7, 2007

Posts: 165
    so the mech is running on your computer and you want it to use an IP address of a different computer?

Posted :: 11:51am, Thu, Jun 7, 2007

Posts: 4
    No itīs running on a computer and i want it to use itīs LAN Ip instead of the WAN Ip

So it's running on a different computer in my LAN

Posted :: 1:20pm, Thu, Jun 7, 2007

Posts: 165
    you cannot use local IP addresses. only the one that your ISP gives you to access
the internet. local IP addresses are just that, local. they are not recognized
on the internet.

Posted :: 7:49pm, Thu, Jun 7, 2007

Posts: 4
    so it's not possible to set the mech to respond on LAN dccs and just let it connect to the outside? since that is my problem atm.
Can't dcc chat with my mech.

Posted :: 10:41pm, Thu, Jun 7, 2007

Posts: 54
    You could try to let the bot open chat to you: "/MSG botnick .chat" (or what
your command char is). However, even if my lan ip is a 192.168.x.y i could
dcc chat to my bot. Dont know if it matters but if you use xchat2 then try
"/set dcc_ip <your_lan_ip>" and/or "/set dcc_ip_from_server off (or on)".

At the moment i have a modified emech(v2) running on a router (which is used
as mail/web/test server). Also a bouncer (psybnc) is running there. I can
also DCC chat from bnc to bot; then it uses the LAN IP:

--- Offering DCC CHAT to Xonerator
--- DCC CHAT connection established to Xonerator []

The side effect is, that DCC connection will be stable to the bot even if
the dynamic IP address changes.

Posted :: 6:18am, Wed, Jun 26, 2013

Posts: 2
    of those ips though else that would solve the problem.

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