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Forum Index :: EnergyMech 3.x Development :: Multiheaded mech does not op his mates... :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 11:52pm, Sun, Jun 21, 2009     Subject :: Multiheaded mech does not op his mates...

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I haven't used IRCbots quite a while (2 years or so).
I've looooved emech for needing so little resources and the best thing was, the MultiHeaded Bots "protect themself".

But now with 3.x I see that they dont op each other... So the question do I have to set something?!

01'48'18 <@oSoRKoN> hellguard access revnet
01'48'19 -HellGuard- Immortality Level for revNET!*
01'48'19 -HellGuard- Channel: #x Access: 200
01'48'43 <@oSoRKoN> revnet cycle
01'48'44 -revNET- Cycling channel #x
01'48'44 * @revNET (*) has left #x
01'48'44 * revNET (*) has joined #x

Well he "knows" that the otherone is a childthread but no other bot(4 in total) wants to op him on join.
I am quite sure they did that in 2.8 :]

many thanks in advance

PS I could not find anything in the forums about this... but I run 5 processes and all were build seperately so I guess it may not be a compilererror.


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