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Posted :: 6:10pm, Tue, Oct 18, 2005     Subject :: I'm sure that this has already been answered

Posts: 4
    But I have been messing with this problem for days now and can't seem to find an answer
I have the bot joined into the channel I want
but everytime I try to verify with my bot, it verifies but says my password is incorrect

this is my userfile.mech

user warchild
mask *!*warchild@*
chan *
opt u100
access #(channel name)warchild_ *!*warchild@*
add warchild_ *|(room name) *!*warchild@* 100 1 4 password
setpass warchild_ password
op (channel name) warchild_ *!*warchild@*

Any suggestions???

Posted :: 5:41pm, Thu, Oct 20, 2005

Posts: 54
    > Any suggestions???

Just questions: What does the "access #...", "add ..." and "op ..." mean in the

also i would remove the password from the userfile, start the bot, then set the
(new) password with PASSWD...

Posted :: 3:27am, Sun, Oct 23, 2005     Subject :: Thanks so much agonizer

Posts: 4
    It's figures I would do something to over-complicate everything

I got everything working and verified thanks to agonizer. I have one other
noob question and I'm sure it's rather stupid, but I thought that the bot
was supposed to op me once I verified, yet it's not.

I'm sure it's just something that I'm missing in some configuration file

Any suggestions anyone??

Posted :: 2:54pm, Sun, Oct 23, 2005

Posts: 54
    Ensure that

1) your user has the auto-op (+AO) flag set, and
2) auto opping is enabled for the channel (see REPORT).

Posted :: 4:43pm, Sun, Oct 23, 2005     Subject :: Ok, so if I got your instructions correct (which I probably didn't, because it's still not working)

Posts: 4
    in my userfile, I should have

user warchild_ +AO (right?)
mask blah blah
chan *
opt u100

and then in mech.conf

I should have SET AOP 1 or 0 right??

I know I'm such a noob it's pathetic

Posted :: 6:36pm, Mon, Oct 24, 2005

Posts: 54
    >user warchild_ +AO (right?)

/MSG <botnick> .USER warchild_ +AO (perhaps you have to add the channel name here
somewhere, i dont know)

The help for the USER command would give you some help i think...

>and then in mech.conf
>I should have SET AOP 1 or 0 right??

Dunno too. I would use "/MSG <botnick> .SET #channel AOP 1"

Posted :: 9:36pm, Mon, Oct 24, 2005     Subject :: Once again you did it Agonizer

Posts: 4
    I'm all up and running now. Thank you very much Agonizer, you are THE BOMB!!!!!


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