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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: How can i make bots withh energymech :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 1:54pm, Tue, Feb 19, 2008     Subject :: How can i make bots withh energymech

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    I am new with this so i need some professional help with this.

Can someone guide me with the process of how can i make bots with energymech. I wanna run like 40-50 silent clone bots for a channel with 1 background process. Tell me which version would be better and the process of making clone bots with energymech.

P.S: Only normal bots is what i need. I want them to connect to my channel and stay idle like botserv bots in Anope services.

Posted :: 3:04pm, Sun, Mar 2, 2008     Subject :: I need help too

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    I am very new to this too and never had a bot, i need help ( as in from scratch ). I need a server boot that can give op to whom i want. I need a step by step walkthrow, if someone has the patciens and time pls contact me on yahoo messenger, my id is Petrus_Daniel87. Thank you for your time.


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