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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: Issue with EnergyMech and FreeNode :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 2:00am, Fri, Nov 14, 2008     Subject :: Issue with EnergyMech and FreeNode

Posts: 2

I have a bot on my FreeNode IRC Channel that is called Daisy. However she's having a hard time getting to know me on IRC (the ident and such of me, the administrator).

Here's my output from a whois on my nick:
[Coburn64] (n=Coburn64@ Coburn 64.
* [Coburn64] #usf #krystal
* [Coburn64] :San Diego, CA, US
* [Coburn64] is identified to services
* [Coburn64] is signed on as account Coburn64
* [Coburn64] idle 00:05:14, signon: Wed Nov 12 17:04:39
* [Coburn64] End of WHOIS list.

Any suggestions? I've tried many userlists, and this is my current one:
user Coburn64
mask *!*@
chan *
opt p0u100
pass $1$1527$nMxwLoQnr8GzlwGX5CVhG/
modcount 0

Any help on this subject would be helpful. Thanks!

Posted :: 1:54pm, Fri, Nov 14, 2008

Posts: 165
    you do VERIFY dont you?


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