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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: Multiple bots from the same config file.. How? :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 2:08am, Fri, Aug 4, 2006     Subject :: Multiple bots from the same config file.. How?

    Hi there all..

I recently was given access on a buddys shell machine, and he said I can run up to 3 bots on it..

I really find the simplicity of EnergyMech 3 appealing, especially how setting the bot up doesn't require a 4 hour stroll through a massive .conf file.. However; I'm having trouble figuring out one thing.. I have read the documentation included with the bot and have (tried) looked online for some answers, but I am not able to get all 3 bots to come online and join the channel and I guess "link" with eachother. Basically all I did was take the mech.conf file and add 2 more entries that look like


nick 2 botname2
set altnick botname2- botname2_
set userfile mech.passwd
set ident botname2
set ircname botname2
set umodes +w
set cmdchar $
join #mychan
set pub 1
set aop 1
set avoice 1
set prot 4


I basically added 2 more entries to the .conf file that look exactly like that. However only 2 bots spawn, and only 1 joins the channel oddly enough, so obviously something has gone haywire. What am I doing wrong? Are they all able to share the same .passwd file? How am I supposed to modify the .conf file so I can have 3 bots?

Thank you very much everyone, and assuming I can overcome this obstacle, I'd never reccomend an eggdrop to anyone ever again..

Cheers :)

Posted :: 8:42pm, Sat, Aug 5, 2006

Posts: 54
    Watch the debug output for problems (specially server messages)

Posted :: 8:05pm, Sun, Aug 6, 2006

    I'm still not having any luck... The config file isn't showing anything that indicates what the problem is... Does anyone else run more than 1 bot from the same .conf file? If so can you paste it for comparison or anything like that? Please let me know :(

Posted :: 8:19pm, Sun, Aug 6, 2006

Posts: 54
    If the debug output doesn't show any problems, then there aren't any ;)
So what does the debug output show you? Does the server refuse the connection
because of multiple logins from the same IP address? Are there any error
messages? Especially when starting the bot / when the bot connects to the server.

Posted :: 7:56pm, Sat, Oct 7, 2006

Posts: 2
    I have mech 2.8 linked and working good.
I had to patch my current mech 2.8 botnet because I found mech 3.x
linking do not work good. I was not happy with mech 3.x
I think linking in mech 3.x is broken.
I hope someone give fix for the linking issues in mech 3.x

Posted :: 5:40am, Sun, Oct 8, 2006

Posts: 165
    can you guess how many tears have been whiped out of tech helpers eyes
and how many monitors and keyboards have been smashed to bits cuz idiots
like you only knows how to say "it doesnt work" ?
say something constructive or stfu.

Posted :: 7:13am, Wed, May 23, 2007

    i have got all bots working and online but with the 2.8.x version mech i could verify with 1 bot and then do say -say test in a channel and all the bots would say the same thing on the ver3 i verify to one and then only 1 of the bots says the say to the channel how do i fix this so i can verify on 1 bot and then have all of them do the -say or do i have to verify on all of the bots


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