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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: "Dictionary" or "learn" feature in EnergyMech :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 12:29pm, Fri, May 9, 2008     Subject :: "Dictionary" or "learn" feature in EnergyMech

Posts: 3
    Eggdrop has "dictionary" or "learn" scripts which essentially store terms and their definitions, and display these in response to user requests. Is there a way to enable similar functionality in EnergyMech as well?

Something like this:

15:02 -!- someone [] has joined #channel
15:02 < someone> !energymech
15:02 < bot> EnergyMech is a bot.

The functionality should be available for users with access level of 0 as well (enabled automatically). Possible?

I know Eggdrop has a plethora of tcl info scripts like this (, but wouldn't want to go and change a bot for just something like this as mech's been otherwise very robust.

Posted :: 10:52pm, Fri, May 9, 2008

Posts: 165
    cluttering up the core with something like that would be a tad silly, but I dont see why you cant make a tcl script for it.

Posted :: 7:22am, Sun, May 11, 2008

Posts: 3
    Ah, I've never done basic client scripting let alone more advanced tcl, I was hoping that surely there already was a script made by someone and shared it somewhere, as the feature seems so basic and eggdrop's infoscript section is filled with these.

I spent the last hour searching these forums and google (energymech tcl scripts -eggdrop) before posting here, but all I came across was tcl scripts just for eggdrop.

It seems like there aren't any for EnergyMech, or people just aren't sharing them.

Posted :: 8:10am, Sun, May 11, 2008

Posts: 165
    there still isnt much in the ways of scripts for mechs.

Posted :: 3:29pm, Sun, May 11, 2008

Posts: 3
    Well, I just finished compiling, installing and configuring Eggdrop (took hell of lot time) with a tcl learn script and am migrating the last settings from our ol' and faithful energymech. (configuring mechs is so m u c h more faster).

Although I don't love eggdrop's memory usage (hogging 3500kB on my system) it should get the job done, time will tell.

But I'll tar my mech and cron this page in my rss reader and check back at every once in while in case people start to step out with scripts some day.


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