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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: emech 3.0.2 not enforceing/setting chan modes :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 7:51pm, Sun, Jan 21, 2007     Subject :: emech 3.0.2 not enforceing/setting chan modes

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    Greetings, hopeing for a sugestion as to what I might be missing here.
[Version 3.0.2 (May 8th, 2006)]

In short bot never attempts to reset/fix/enforce the chan modes outside of the dynamic l limit (dynlimit).

Suspect am missing *something* - any help appreceated.

Via set commands I enabled chan modes:
+enfm enfmodes="+nt"

And I see that reflected in mech.session:
join #chan
set ENFM 1
set ENFMODES +nt

And in debug output:
> setting
; ENFMODES 080710c4 "+nt"

Posted :: 4:47am, Mon, Jan 22, 2007

Posts: 165
    The bot never undoes modes changed by high level users of the bot
(those with access to the MODE command or higher),
it assumes you are intelligent.


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