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Forum Index :: Generic Discussion :: Example for code to retrieve information from www :: Reply to this topic

Posted :: 8:40am, Sun, Apr 8, 2007     Subject :: Example for code to retrieve information from www

Posts: 3
I just found energy mech, installed and liked. But I'm pretty new in C lanquage
(in any lanquage that is) and was wondering if someone could give an example code of
how to add command for bot to retrieve information from internet website ie:
In channel, by typing .train 1 bot connects to
(or some web page, this is just lame example), enters train numer or such and send info about that train to irc

Posted :: 4:30am, Wed, Apr 11, 2007

Posts: 165
    that is a complex task, more than a few lines of code.

Posted :: 6:02am, Wed, Apr 11, 2007

Posts: 3
    Yeah that's what I thought also.
quite simple to open socket connection to certain port to certain sever,
but getting right stuff from there is quite hard. I think especially stability
is the problem there..
I might have to go back to Python, because in python it's quite easy to do and I
almost have re4ady script for it (not tested tho =) ).
This pisses me off, I really like emech's code, but on the other hand, really need
to make that socket thingy working and I don't have skills to do it...
- Should save coding to those who know how to do it =) -

Posted :: 11:22am, Wed, Apr 11, 2007

Posts: 165
    opening a socket is easy enough, doing it without freezing the entire bot is the hard part
i even put a small experimental web server in the mech but never made anything out of it

Posted :: 11:35am, Wed, Apr 11, 2007

Posts: 3
    Any ideas of how hard it will be to sink some python code to emech?
Make Python part handle www discussions and core bot running on C?

Posted :: 12:45pm, Wed, Apr 11, 2007

Posts: 165
    nope, no idea, never touched python


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