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And so...

Returning home on a sunday I go online to check email and #mech to see if anything new has popped up (slight chance, but ya gotto keep the faith!). Upon entering #mech, the stupidity level of the conversation in the channel dramatically rises as a person nicked swoop2 begins to speak...

<swoop2> ok
<swoop2> i installed a mech
* CrZyDoPeY fwaps proton
<swoop2> and i edited the config file
<swoop2> but when i run it it gives me this
<proton`> oh pls forgive me for i have sinned!
<proton`> AAAAAAARGH!
<proton`> I USED A MAC!
<proton`> *choke*
<swoop2> /roadogg: SET: command not found
<swoop2> ./roadogg: SET: command not found
<swoop2> ./roadogg: CHANNEL: command not found
<swoop2> ./roadogg: TOG: command not found
<swoop2> ./roadogg: TOG: command not found
<swoop2> ./roadogg: TOG: command not found   
<swoop2> but it says that for everything
<swoop2> command not found
<RR> swoop2 huh?
<RR> wtf are you doing
<swoop2> what
<swoop2> this is the first time i ever used a mech
<proton`> its a CONFIG FILE not a fucking shellscript you stupid peabrain

As always, I cut through the chitchat and launch the insults right away. It's apparent enough to me that his config file is being sent to a shell interpreter, not the EnergyMech binary...

<swoop2> wtf u talkin about
<swoop2> and i editited it
<CrZyDoPeY> lol
<swoop2> can u help me or u just gonna laught at me
<proton`> we're just gunna laff at you
<proton`> you're so obviously clueless that its not worth trying to help
<swoop2> yea asshole it says to edit it then i fucking edited it
<swoop2> i did what the god damn web page said and they said to come here for help
<proton`> yea pissant, but it didnt say you should fucking execute it with a fucking shell interpreter
<swoop2> i didn't i just type roadogg
* CrZyDoPeY laughs
<swoop2> and it put ./ before it
<CrZyDoPeY> this is amusing
<RR> wtf is roadogg your binary ?
<proton`> wtf did you do, cp /bin/sh roadogg?!?!!¤%$@&@!@$*@*#¤@
<swoop2> no i didn't cp anything
<swoop2> roadogg is the name of the config file
<proton`> you stupid fuck
<RR> well doh mech -f roadogg
<RR> ./mech -f roadogg
<RR> and i thought you said it was moron proof al?
<swoop2> well that works well
<proton`> moron evolution went further than I prepared for.
<swoop2> shell1:~/emech$ ls
<swoop2> README      checkmech*   mech.usage  roadogg*    src/
<swoop2> VERSIONS    configure*  mech.set    randfiles/  sample.set     
<swoop2> thats whats in my dir

At this point it's apparent enough that the guy haven't even compiled the source to get himself a binary. The chmod +x of the config file would work with an eggdrop and this idiot probably assumed that the EnergyMech is some kind of eggdrop variant. Does he have a clue? My guess would have to be, NO...

<RR> oh
<RR> try roadogg -f sample.set
<RR> :P
<RR> try ./roadogg -f sample.set
<proton`> DOH!
<RR> oh what is roadogg* ?
<swoop2> the name of the config file
<proton`> thats probably "cp sample.set roadogg ; pico roadogg ; chmod +x roadogg"
<proton`> the fucker is an egghead.
<CrZyDoPeY> heh
<swoop2> then i should just run it and it should work?
<RR> hahaha
-proton- You are now officially immortal
<proton`> .up
*** proton sets mode: +o proton`
*** swoop2 was kicked by proton` (stupidity knows no limit APPARENTLY! (521))

Enough is enough, the joy of kicking him out finally outweighed the joy of insulting the poor schmoe. But is this guy finished yet? Nope, not quite. He decided to message me privately as well...

<swoop2> wtf did i god damn do
<swoop2> sorry i got a life and don't sit on my computer all god dman day long
<swoop2> sorry that i have girlfriend and fuck her instead of my comp
<swoop2> god dman lewser

I don't know what made him bring it up, but his girlfriend has my most sincere condolences. It must be hard to be girlfriend of a braindead guy who never made it out of puberty... I really hope that this guy manages to revive enough braincells to delete the EnergyMech files on his precious shell so that we never get to see him in #mech ever again.

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