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Once upon a time...

*** Moron has joined #emech
*** urp sets mode: +vv acidhax Moron
<Moron> -join #h4x0r
<acidhax> yo
<acidhax> is emech hard to use?
<Moron> nahh man
<Moron> -part emech
*** M1 has left #emech
<acidhax> ok
<acidhax> so
<acidhax> is it like an eggy?
<acidhax> or better
<Moron> Better
<Moron> way better
<Moron> and easier to use
<acidhax> okey
<acidhax> less mem?
<Moron> Hold on, i am going to start an emech help channel
<acidhax> ok
<acidhax> what is it?
<acidhax> ill join it
<Moron> hold on
*** Moron has left #emech

About 2 hours later...

*** Moron has joined #emech
<Jojo{a}> how will i do a random topic?
*** urp sets mode: +v Moron
<DaRkThInG> <acidhax> less mem?
<DaRkThInG> <Moron> Hold on, i am going to start an emech help channel
<DaRkThInG> <acidhax> ok
<DaRkThInG> <acidhax> what is it?
<Moron> heh
<DaRkThInG> hey its our friend moron
<endorphin> #emechhelp
<DaRkThInG> do you help alot there moran?
<Moron> No i just started it
* DaRkThInG recons it takes a moron to know a moron
<endorphin> heh
<endorphin> so moron, do you actually know that much about emech?
<Moron> is anyone in here at
<Moron> Yes actually
<endorphin> heh
<endorphin> well, good luck then
<Moron> I am running one now
<Moron> M1
<DaRkThInG> have you been using it for around 6 years now moron?
<Moron> No
<DaRkThInG> oh
<Moron> Here we
<Moron> go
<Moron> So you think i should shut emechhelp down
<Moron> so i will
<endorphin> no
<DaRkThInG> i'm staying in my chair, i'm tired and don't want to move
<endorphin> dont shut it down
<Moron> Why not?
<DaRkThInG> keep it up, help the lamers out
<Moron> heh ok
*** M1 has joined #emech
<endorphin> moron... you patience will really be tested
<DaRkThInG> the less that come here, the happier we are
*** urp sets mode: +v M1
<Moron> -join #emechhelp
* Marg grins at dark and end
<Moron> <Jojo{a}> i want to make a ramdom topic 
<Moron> <Moron> jojo get out for like 10 seconds
<Moron> lol
<Moron> <Jojo{a}> i want to make a ramdom topic 
<Moron> <Moron> jojo get out for like 10 seconds
<Moron> <Jojo{a}> can tha tbe possible?
<Moron> <Moron> Only if you leave for 10-20 seconds
<Moron> <Moron> NOW
<endorphin> ummm
<Marg> were you needing some privacy for something intimate, moron?
<endorphin> didnt we say how to do random topics a little while ago?
<Moron> not really
<Moron> Some Jojo idiot is asking me
* endorphin scrolls back
<endorphin> yeah
<endorphin> it was jojo 
<endorphin> heh
<Moron> lol
* Marg looks over end's shoulder
<Moron> Man what a dumb ass
<Moron> lol
* endorphin looks over ends shoulder
<Moron> I was having a tough ass time with Emech 2.7.1
<endorphin> what?
<Moron> It was being a bitchX
<Moron> heh
<endorphin> oh?
<endorphin> 2.7.1 was pretty good i thought
<Moron> But i got 2.7.3
<Moron> Its actually shit
<Moron> pardon my language
<Moron> =)
<endorphin> why?
<Moron> it wouldnt work 
<Azmodan> pardon your own damn language
<Moron> i tryed everything on it
<endorphin> humm
<Moron> hmm
* Marg laughs
<DaRkThInG> you are a very intelligent person there moron, oh wait you
  are a MORON!!
<Moron> geez
<Moron> god..
<Moron> asshole
<Azmodan> for those that know where, peek at the first two sections of
  the help (moron's not welcome)
<DaRkThInG> well you ever think that maybe the people that actually code
  the mech might be around lol
<Moron> I dont care
<Moron> it was shit
<Moron> it wouldnt work
<DaRkThInG> maybe you are just a lamer
<Moron> 2.7.3 is better
<DaRkThInG> and don't know how to fix it
* Marg laughs at Azmodan
<Moron> very easy to use
<DaRkThInG> hell there is nothing to just works 
*** SignOff: NoslraC (Ping timeout)
<DaRkThInG> well for someone with an IQ over 15
<Marg> I don't have an IQ over 150.. is that a problem?
<Moron> -part #emechhelp
<Marg> I only got to 147 before it ran out on me
<DaRkThInG> 15, marg...15
* Marg sulks in the corner
<Moron> Emechhelp is now down..
* Marg shortles
<DaRkThInG> we dont' care for gods sake
<Marg> and chortles
<Moron> sorry for even commenting
<Marg> hey.. guys.. will you show me that official letter of request for
  emechhelp, that you initially sent moron, k?
<Moron> god asshole
<Azmodan> Moron, like I said those that know where I'm doing it can see it
<DaRkThInG> thanks, i take that as a compliment..
<DaRkThInG> at school we are jackasses
<Moron> omg what an idiot
<DaRkThInG> that is our mascot
<Moron> lol
<DaRkThInG> it only fits this way
<Moron> But you know, your very calm
<Moron> usually i would have been booted by now
<Marg> you're
<Moron> =)
<Moron> i am ban from over 65 channels
<Azmodan> let me boot him, let me boot him
<Marg> moron.. why?
<Marg> you're no mental challenge at all.. I'd let you go on and on and on..
  till yer battery wore out
<Moron> i am just a complete arse
<DaRkThInG> your just a complete un-intelligent idiot...thats all
<Marg> well.. you're more a hole than an arse.. but mmkay
<endorphin> .unvoice moron
<DaRkThInG> nothing to feel bad about
<Azmodan> nah, I'm sure your only part there
*** urp sets mode: -v Moron
*** SignOff: termtype (Ping timeout)
<Marg> well that fixes that
<Marg> did you think his eyes were too close together?
* Marg was a bit nervous standing next to him
<endorphin> haha
<Marg> he's pinging me
* Marg grins
<Marg> expect to see me in a few
* Marg laughs
<endorphin> what?
<endorphin> thats pathetci
<endorphin> pathetic even
<Marg> he's mass pinging mah butt
*** SignOff: Moron (Excess Flood)
<DaRkThInG> bwahaha
<Marg> well yes.. it's the eyes.. I tried to tell you
* Marg grins
<Marg> I get all the fr34ks
*** Moron has joined #emech
<Marg> oh dear
<DaRkThInG> wb lewser
*** urp sets mode: +v Moron
<Marg> e's back
<Moron> Thanks
<DaRkThInG> no prob
<Moron> heh
<Marg> brb anyways
<Moron> I dont like making enemies
<Moron> I have too many
<DaRkThInG> hell you don't even have to try do you?
<Moron> lol@3 people trying to root me right now
*** SignOff: Jojo{a} (Ping timeout)
<Moron> YES!
<Moron> -join #emechhelp
<Azmodan> arrgh
<Moron> Dark
<endorphin> az
<Azmodan> I did stuff up that html
<Moron> What you were saying to me earlier
<Azmodan> gimmie a sec to fix it
<endorphin> its not werking for me
*** Marggggie has joined #emech
<Moron> About
<DaRkThInG> you would probably have trouble pour piss out of a boot with the
  instructions on the sole..
*** urp sets mode: +v Marggggie
* Marggggie wuffles the birthday boy
<Moron> Listen man
<Marggggie> Oh.. End.. yer nekkid
<DaRkThInG> are you gonna win-nuke me??
<Azmodan> ok it will work now
<Moron> no
* endorphin is shocked
<Moron> LIsten
<DaRkThInG> haha
* endorphin covers his nekkidness
<Marggggie> (in my mind...)
* Marggggie grins wickedly
<Azmodan> try again please
<Marggggie> too late.. I coped a good look
* DaRkThInG listens hard, and hopes he hears something intelligent
<Marggggie> copped.. even
<Marggggie> Dark.. don't fall over yer chair leaning forward
<DaRkThInG> no i just think you are stupid lol
<Azmodan> whats an opinion?
<Marggggie> and a fucking opinion at that
<Marggggie> Az... beats me
<DaRkThInG> you like to fuck opinions?
<endorphin> heh
*** SignOff: Marg (Ping timeout)
<endorphin> DT, leave him alone
<Marggggie> End.. do you have an opinion?
<Moron> Dumb ass
*** Marggggie is known as Marg
<Azmodan> sex with opinions must be for the weak
<endorphin> its not worth it
<DaRkThInG> lol
<endorphin> i remember a saying... opinions are like assholes
<Moron> DT
<DaRkThInG> Moron
<endorphin> everyone has one
<Moron> the only reason you are trying to insult me is because i said something
  about a version of an emech
<Moron> You must be pretty lame then
<Moron> -part
*** M1 has left #emech
<DaRkThInG> yes i am the head lamer of the world
<Moron> Shows it to
<Marg> tee hee
<Moron> too even
<DaRkThInG> bow to my ereetness
<DaRkThInG> or is that erectness?? i never know
<Moron> you cant spell 3r337 if your arse depended on it
<Marg> nah.. twas cos you said something STUPID about a version of an emech
<Marg> it's erect
* Marg looks at end again
<Marg> oh god
<Marg> rebooting
* Marg looks at ie
<Marg> what a joke
<Moron> lol@ie
*** SignOff: Marg (Leaving)
<Moron> lamer
<Moron> lol
<Moron> Netscape 0wns you
<Moron> haha
<Azmodan> nutscrape?
<Moron> NetRape
<DaRkThInG> i just throughly enjoy the fact that you started a emech channel, but
  probably haven't read a bit of documentation on emech
<Moron> Nutbreak
<Moron> whatever
<Moron> your right Dark
<Moron> But i still know about them
*** NoslraC has joined #emech
*** DaRkThInG sets mode: +o NoslraC
<Moron> not alot but enough to help someone
<DaRkThInG> help someone set a bot up, for someone to steal??? sure thats who I
  want to help me
<endorphin> very nice az!
<Moron> what the fuck are you talking about?
<Azmodan> thx endo
<Moron> how the fuck does stealing come into this
<Moron> stupid arse
<DaRkThInG> hahaha
<Azmodan> I can see the IQ of this channel dropped considerably just before
*** SignOff: rootshell (Leaving)
<Moron> Hell i dont even know the command to list the commands on an emech
<Moron> LOL
<Azmodan> and you started a HELP channel
<Azmodan> fucking brilliant
<DaRkThInG> heh
<endorphin> perhaps it was for ppl to come and help him?
* endorphin shrugs
<Azmodan> I think they would have to come in white suits
* DaRkThInG sighs..
<DaRkThInG> LOL Az
<endorphin> hehehe
<endorphin> poor moron
*** Marg has joined #emech
<endorphin> i must say, your nick really doesnt command respect
*** urp sets mode: +v Marg
<Marg> Moron.. quit yer crying.. I'm back!!
<Moron> End..
<DaRkThInG> right on
* Marg smirkles
* endorphin wuffles the margster
<Moron> I never want to fit in
<Moron> thats why i have chosen such a name
<Azmodan> you will never ever run that risk
<endorphin> oh ok
<Moron> i want to be the "outsider" everywhere
* Marg wuffles end and grins lots
<Moron> i hate fitting it
<Moron> in even
* endorphin looks at moron
<endorphin> WHYYYY???
<Azmodan> hmmm outsider, denotes being outside of channels
<Marg> well.. congrats.. you've succeeding
<Azmodan> you'd be a loner then as well as a moron?
<Moron> Because if you screw up you are fucked
<Marg> moron.. must be fun
<Marg> you're
* Marg looks at end
<endorphin> hmmm?
<Moron> She wants you to insult me
<Moron> Bring it on =)
<Azmodan> define it
<DaRkThInG> thats difficult
<Azmodan> and make sure you use double and tripple consonants
<DaRkThInG> it doesn't take a brain surgen to insult your stupid ass
<Marg> she?
* Marg raises an eyebrow
<Marg> does he mean me?
* endorphin supposes
<Marg> I do my own insulting
* Marg expects no one's support
<Azmodan> Marg, do you want us to insult a moron?
<Marg> crikey.. boys.. I didn't realise the leashes were so tight
* Azmodan chomps at the bit
<DaRkThInG> we do anything for marg, she sexors us up
<Marg> az.. there seems no point in insulting him
* endorphin looks at marg
<DaRkThInG> lol
<Marg> Moron.. the problem was the stupid comment regarding the emech version.... 
<Moron> Marg isnt a SHe?
<Moron> LOL
<Azmodan> ok marg, I'll go insult some other moron
<Marg> not generic complaints about emech versions
<Marg> dark... snot
<DaRkThInG> that was only part of the deal marg
<Moron> Ima son of a drunk lord non of the above FUCK IT CUT THE CORD!!! LIGHTZ
<Moron> lala
<DaRkThInG> ebonix?
<Azmodan> oh wait
<Azmodan> I see it now he's still attached to his mummy via the umbilical
<Marg> psychiatrist needed
<Moron> I only need the command that lists commands
<Moron> and ill leave you guys alone
* Marg points to the black phone
<Moron> =)
<Azmodan> he wants the cord cut
<Marg> Moron.. you'll probably have to apologise first now
<Moron> I am sorry
<DaRkThInG> bend over and lick your rear, and the answer will come to you
<Moron> But thats what i get Marg
<Azmodan> sheesh, HELP channel operators should know the HELP command
<DaRkThInG> might not be pretty but hah
<Moron> the command that lists commands on EMECh dumb ass
<Marg> valid point az
* Marg grins
<Azmodan> you do need HELP moron
<Marg> Moron.. uggggh... I can't believe you just said that
<Azmodan> your just too thick to notice
* Marg cringes
<DaRkThInG> rotflmao
<Moron> ..
<Moron> i have an idea
<Moron> Dark what are you on linux?
* Marg feels embarassed an Moron's behave
<DaRkThInG> your mom..
<Moron> My mom is dead .. asshole..
<Azmodan> well I tried to HELP the moron
<DaRkThInG> oops
<Moron> assholes..
*** Moron has left #emech

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