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This feature was added in version 2.7.1 and it allows superusers to connect to the linkport of the bot and share the bots server connection. The goal is to fool the IRC client to think it is directly connected to the server even tho its not.

To be able to use this feature you need to compile your EnergyMech with LINKING and PIPEUSER support. You also need to be a level 100 user on all channels and have a password set.

Configure your IRC client to connect to the bots' host and linkport with a password that looks like this:


For example if your bots' nick is luke and your handle (in the userlist) is skywalker and your password is maytheforcebewithyou, then the password for the server entry (for the bot pipe) would look like:


Remember that passwords are case sensitive.

Once you are connected, the bot will verify your password before sharing its connection with you. When you are verified, the bot will change your nick from whatever your IRC client tried to use to the bots current nick. It will also attempt to forcably join you to all channels that the bot itself is on. This may fail on some IRC clients (it reportedly fails on mIRC).

Due to the freshness of this feature, its not all done yet. Some server messages are not supposed to be passed along to the pipe user and vice versa. There is also plans to allow the pipeuser to take part in the partyline and give commands to the bot he or she is connected to which currently is rather impossible (the bot cant command itself).

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