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Multi-Head Bot Advantages

The EnergyMechs unique ability to run more than a single bot in a process does have advantages beyond the apparent. Normally bots would need to communicate information to eachother via network connections or other slow methods, but with two or more bots sharing a process, once one bot receives information, the whole process has access to that information.

For instance, lets assume bot A and bot B guards the same channel. A malicious user gains ops and attempts to take over the channel by de-opping everyone. Bot A is deopped and since bot B is in the same process, it can "see" everything that bot A can, even if its on another server. Bot B can then react "ahead of time", prehaps even fast enough to foil the plans of the malicious user.

Bots in the same process also know eachother automatically, there is no guessing or authentication involved. They know and give eachother op when they can. It would almost be like seeing yourself joining a channel and giving yourself ops.

Other kinds of information can also be shared, like the information from the Seen feature. If one bot sees a user quit or change nick, all the bots can report accurately what made the user leave, even if they are in different channels or on the wrong side of a netsplit, or if they have ping timed out and currently trying to reconnect.

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