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Question: How do I make the bot support longer nicknames?
Answer: Edit src/config.h and change MAXNICKLEN, run 'make all install', restart the bot.

Being a project that started on Undernet, EnergyMech defaults to a maximum nick length of 9 characters. We have plans to make this adjustable in the config file in the future.

EnergyMech 3.0 is no longer limited to a certain length of nicks, it will accept any length without complaining or malfunctioning.

Question: Why does the bot report Bad Question File with trivia?
Answer: You didn't read the instructions.

The trivia game needs a file called randtrivia.e (for 2.9.x series bots) that has all the questions in it installed into your randfiles/ directory. This does not come with the bot, because currently the file is over 3 megabytes, and it's too big to put in the main distribution. There are instructions on where to get the questions in the file README.FEATURES that comes with the emech distribution.

Question: My IP/hostmask has changed, how can I get the bot to recognize me?
Answer: Doh!

If at all possible, you should use the 'host add' command to add a new hostmask [ ex: host add *!*moo@* ] BEFORE you switch to a new one. In a pinch, you can telnet the bot on it's linkport, login, and use the host add command. Failing that, your only alternative is to kill the bot, edit the userfile, and start the bot again. This system provides better security than depending upon a password alone.

Question: I start the EnergyMech but it never shows up on IRC?
Answer: This can depend on a number of things.
  • Recent EnergyMech versions will not run as root, they will quit immediately.
  • The shell might be firewalled, prohibiting any connections to IRC
  • You may have a bad serverlist in the configuration file
  • EnergyMech 3: You enabled the async DNS feature but didnt configure it.
Before reporting this as a bug or asking for help, you should verify that you can connect with another IRC client from your shell. If IRC connections seems to work fine with other clients, check so that the serverlist in the configuration file is up to date with accurate servernames, IP numbers and/or port numbers.

If all else fails, run it in debug mode to see what the bot is doing...

Question: What happened to the SPAWN command?
Answer: It was removed.

The SPAWN command was heavily abused by all sorts of flooding critters (also known as script-kiddies). So it has been removed in the latest 2.8.x versions. You can still put more than one bot in the configuration file, see the new sample.set file to see how that works (also comes with the distribution package).

Do not ask for older versions, we do not provide them to the public.

Question: Is the EnergyMech an Eggdrop variant?
Answer: No.

The EnergyMech code was based on ComBot (by ComStud) and some code snippets from other bots (unknown). The `Starglider Class' EnergyMech was based on version 2.1.x by polygon. The first releases of the Starglider Class was made some time during summer in 1997.

Unlike the Eggdrop bot, the EnergyMech has all its features built into the C source code, not as modules or tcl scripts. This allows for great speed, efficiency, etc, but not much customization (unless you happen to know C and have a few weeks of time to kill).

Question: Can I link my EnergyMechs in a botnet?
Answer: Yes.

Linking EnergyMechs is easy. EnergyMechs linked to other EnergyMechs will be more successful in maintaining ownership of a channel on chaotic networks. They will also share a common partyline where you can chat with users connected to other EnergyMechs.

Current version of the EnergyMech ( does not support userlist sharing.

Question: Can I link my EnergyMech with my Eggdrop?
Answer: Maybe.

There reputedly is a TCL script for eggdrops that enables it to link with EnergyMechs. I have no information on where to obtain it tho.

You have to consider that the EnergyMech and the Eggdrop are rivals! The Eggdrop coders are not interested in adding code to link their Eggdrops with the EnergyMech and vice versa. Besides, most people dont run two different bots at the same time unless they're trying out a new bot and only keeps the old one because they are more familiar with it (switch from Eggdrop to EnergyMech seems to be the most common today).

Question: Can you add this and that feature?
Answer: Yes and No.

Anything could be added, of course. But, if everything was added, the EnergyMech would become a big pile of incoherent junk code. One reason why the feature you're asking for hasn't been added to the EnergyMech yet might be that the main coder (proton) hasn't had enough time and/or inspiration to work on it yet. This is usually the case with the features listed in the TODO file. Another reason might be that it haven't been considered to be worth the effort/additional code size to add it, this is the case of scripting.

If you are really desperate for a feature to be added, you can always add it yourself. That is why the source code is available.

Question: Where can I get a free shell?
Answer: Nowhere!

Free shells is every kiddies wet dream. Generally, the only free shell you ever get is either from friends or its illegaly obtained. Good shells dont have to cost much tho, if you know where to look. For one or two IRC-related processes (except IRC servers) you would typically pay around 5-10 US dollars per month.

Remember that you pay for the quality of the service. A good shell account is well worth the money.

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