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Here you will find all configuration file commands for the EnergyMech. The format used is as follows:

The name of the command itself.

Syntax: syntax
The syntax for the command with required and optional arguments.

Scope: Global,Bot,Channel,Once
In which context the command can be used:

Global -- Command can be used anywhere in the configuration file.
Bot -- Command will affect the latest created bot.
Channel -- Command will affect the latest created channel.
Once -- Command should only be used once in the given context.



Syntax: ALIAS <command> <alias>
Scope: Global

Add an alias for a command.


Scope: Global, Once

Instruct the EnergyMech to establish bot links on its own as best it can. This does not mean that the bot will find the LINK parameters on its own, it only bypasses the requirement for user interaction when it comes to the actual linking part.


Syntax: CHANNEL <channel> [ key ]
Scope: Bot

Intruct the current bot to join the specified channel. An optional key can be specified to have the bot join channels with static keys set. The EnergyMech does not impose any limits on the number of channels that each bot can join, but normally the IRC server does. Keeping an EnergyMech in a large amount of big channels can cause large memory and CPU usage.


Syntax: CMDCHAR <cmdchar>
Scope: Bot, Once

Specify which char the current bot should recognize as the command-char. The default character used is - (dash).


Syntax: ENTITY <name>
Scope: Global, Once

Specify the entity name for the process. This name must be uniqe for the process on any botnet you wish to connect it to. The entity name and entity password (LINKPASS) must be known by all other EnergyMechs you wish to connect to or allow connections from.


Scope: Global, Once

Make the EnergyMech use /NOTICE @#channel instead of /NOTICE nick1,nick2,... when sending wallop messages. Note that this is only supported on some IRC networks (undernet, others?).


Syntax: IRCNAME <name>
Scope: Bot, Once

Specify what the bot should register with the IRC server for its `real name' field.


Syntax: LINK <name> <password> [ host | IP ] [ port ]
Scope: Global



Syntax: LINKPASS <password>
Scope: Global, Once

Specify the entity password for the process. This password, along with the process' entity name must be known by all other EnergyMechs you want yours to connect to or allow connections from.


Syntax: LINKPORT <port>
Scope: Global, Once

Specify which port the process should listen to for incoming EnergyMech links, telnetting users and users of the PIPEUSER feature. A high portnumber is recommended. Make sure that noone else is using that portnumber (Ex, 31337 is a very bad choice) and that it isnt filtered in any firewall if there is one.


Syntax: LOGIN <login>
Scope: Bot, Once

Specify the login name that the bot uses to register with the IRC server. Note that this name will only be visible on IRC if the shell your EnergyMech runs one does not run identd.


Syntax: MODES <modes>
Scope: Bot, Once

Specify which modes the bot should send to the IRC server once it has connected. For example, if you want your bot to set the +i mode on connect, you would simply use ``+i'' for modes.


Syntax: NICK <name>
Scope: Global

Create a new bot. The newly created bot will become the current one for all future bot configuration items.


Syntax: NOSEEN
Scope: Global, Once

Disable the SEEN feature in EnergyMech compiled with support for it. The default is that SEEN is enabled, which could be troublesome if you only had limited memory available.


Scope: Global, Once

Disable the feature for executing commands on the bot from the shell that it runs on. This is a potential security hazard and it would be possible for a cracker to take over your channels with this feature if he managed to crack your shell.


Scope: Global, Once

Ignore most signals and hope for the best...


Syntax: SERVER <host> <port> [ password ]
Scope: Global

Information about which servers the bot(s) should try to connect to. All bots in the same process (reading configuration from the same file) will share the same serverlist.


Syntax: SET <setting> <value>
Scope: Bot, Channel

Same as the online SET command.


Scope: Bot, Once

Specify explicitly which bot should execute commands from the shell (SIGHUP) and server changes (SIGUSR1). Only one bot can be sigmaster at any given time.


Syntax: TOG <toggle> <0 | 1>
Scope: Bot, Channel

Same as the online TOG command.


Syntax: TOPIC ...
Scope: Channel, Once



Syntax: USERFILE <filename>
Scope: Bot, Once

Provide the name of the file where the bot should load and save user records. This file cannot be shared by bots so a different filename must be specified for each bot.


Syntax: VIRTUAL <host | IP>
Scope: Bot, Once

Instruct the current bot to use a virtual host IP address when connecting to IRC servers. See virtual host help for more information.


Syntax: WINGATE <host | IP>
Scope: Bot, Once


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