Usage: ADD <handle> <*|channel> <nick|mask> <access> [aop] [prot] [password]
Level: 60
Add a user to the userlist. The handle is used to reference the user in other commands.

access - Can be between 0 and 100, or 200 for bots
aop - Either 0 or 1 (0 = no, 1 = yes)
prot - Can be 0 through 4
pass - Set a password for the user

Bots needs to be added at level 200 to be able to use the needop and needinvite features. Any other level should not be used for bots. Also, passwords are never used for bots.

Note: If none of the optional arguments are given, they are assumed to be 0 with no password.
See also: DEL, HOST