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Email Addresses

proton  < proton-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net >

Programmer and maintainer of the source (Starglider Class). Don't send email here unless its a bug report or if its regarding something important (or if you're a sexy girl seeking a boyfriend!).

endorphin  < endorphin-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net >

Co-developer. Has contributed with alot of patches and feedback since version (then known as starlite). He's also the grandmaster of the the "u" (unofficial) releases and several patches and extensions (most noticably the services patch).

DaRkThInG  < darkthing-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net >

EnergyMech veteran and chanop in #emech He's off to college now so he doesnt seem to have much time for us mortals anymore...

Dark-Lord  < darklord-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net >

Our local pr0n master! Phjear his sex-drive which has been seriously supercharged ;) You can also catch him seducing all the little girls in #chatzone when he's not busy making fun of proton in #emech...

Mailing Lists


Announcements of new EnergyMech versions as they are released. This is a `read-only' mailing list but anyone can subscribe to it.


The main discussion forum for the EnergyMech development. This list is more technical and has a higher volume of messages. Anyone can subscribe and post to this list.

To subscribe to any of these two mailing lists you send a mail to majordomo-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net with ``subscribe <listname>'' in the message body (not the subject). You will then receive a confirmation that you have been added to the list of recipients for new messages.

If you wish to unsubscribe to the list, you send a mail to majordomo-{at}-energymech-{dot}-net again but with ``unsubscribe <listname>'' in the message body instead.

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