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Installing Patches

1) Download the patch file into the main directory of the emech distribution. For this example, the patch file is called patch.diff
bash$ ls
COPYING   README    checkmech  contrib    patch.diff  sample.set
Makefile  VERSIONS  configure  randfiles   src
2) Use the patch command to install your downloaded patch. It may come up with 'Hunk <x> succeeded at <line>' warnings if you have installed more than one patch, but they can be safely ignored.
bash$ patch -p1 -i patch.diff
patching file `src/combot.c'
patching file `src/defines.h'
patching file `src/global.h'
patching file `src/structs.h'

3) You can now compile and setup your emech as normal.

Patches for v3.0

topic-refresh-3.0.diff by proton

Refresh set topics every 60 minutes. Avoids missing topics caused by netsplits.
"SET #anychannel TOP on" to enable it.

alt_randsay.e by proton

Drop-in replacement for randfiles/randsay.e (used for random topics). Contains about ~3500 lines (original randsay.e has ~1000) of sayings, proverbs, quotes, nonsense, etc.

Patches for v2.8.1

alias.diff by zip

Lets you add aliases on the fly, instead of just in the config file.

emech-2.8.1-boot.diff by endorphin

Patch to add the BOOT command that allows you to terminate users DCC sessions.

emech-2.8.1-services.diff by endorphin

Patch to add generic services support to Energymech. It is not full featured, but check README.SERVICES for capabilities and usage.

emech-2.8.1-sha.diff by madcamel

Adds support for SHA1 password hashes in the user file for increased security.

emech-2.8.1-topic.diff by endorphin

Patch to refresh the channel topic with a setable delay.

Patches for v2.8

emech-2.8-unverify.diff by madcamel

Adds an UNVERIFY command to de-authenticate yourself explicitly if need be.

Patches for v2.7.6.1

needop-excessflood.diff by endorphin

Fixes excess floods due to needop requests.

seen-ago.diff by endorphin

Change seen reports to show how long ago someone was spotted instead of exactly when they was. Eliminates the problem of timezones.

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