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The EnergyMech is a UNIX compatible IRC bot programmed in the C language, freely distributable under GNU General Public License (GPL). On this website you can find the largest EnergyMech resource and help library on the Internet.

If you wish to know more about what an EnergyMech can do, please go on to the features page, where the features are described more in detail.

There is some nifty images that you can grab and add to your own pages if you're one of the EnergyMech fans. Go to the graphics page to see them!

Latest News


[ Mar 8th, 2018]

One of the oldest actively developed IRC bots. 1997-2018
Wow. It's 2018 and guess who's back? Proton! This means more updates to the code. Visit our github for the latest warez.

[ Mar 8th, 2014]


EnergyMech: Rocking your socks since 1998.

We're not dead yet kids. Development has been moved to GitHub. Grab the latest version on the downloads page!.

[ July 24th, 2009]

EnergyMech 3.0.99p3
Python support, fixes local bots not opping eachother, shares user records locally depending on botnet settings. Download is over here.

[ May 11th, 2009]

EnergyMech 3.0.99p1
Added a bunch of new stuff like ircnet basic support, chanban and some scripting support. What the "p" is for you can figure out yourselves. Get it while you can

[ August 27th, 2008]

EnergyMech 3.0.3
Found a small but significant bug in the async DNS code. Fixing it I think warrants a release all on its own. The Devel code isnt stable or neat enough for release just yet so this is the stuff to get until the new stuff is ready for stage. Time for some more downloading

[ July 9th, 2008]

EnergyMech 3.0.3 ??
Yeah, we're not dead quite yet. I (proton) have been poking around the source these past couple of days, fixing and adding some little ideas I thought up. All those suckers still using 2.x can burn in hell. For some sideorder news, we got an email from a chinese domain registry saying that they had a company who wanted to register a bunch of "energymech" domains and was asking if it would affect us and our "intellectual property". Yeah right...

[ May 8th, 2006]

EnergyMech 3.0.2
Contains a critical bugfix. Yes we're still alive. Download it now

[ August 28th, 2005]

EnergyMech 3.0.1
Contains bugs that bughunters didn't manage to find in beta versions. Get get your copy on the download page.

[ August 1st, 2005]

EnergyMech 3.0
Long time in development, finally here. Previously known as the 2.99 beta, not many bug reports surfaced so now is time for the real deal. Get get your copy on the download page.

[ December 20th, 2004]

EnergyMech 2.99.84
Finalizes the feature set for EnergyMech 3.0, all that remains now is a little bit of bugtesting. New in this version: CMD command (for sending commands over the botnet), ADDLINK/DELLINK was removed in favor of LINK +/- style command. Your verify is now sent over the botnet, verify to one bot and the whole botnet will know it. "botnet" is now available as a spy source. added +ns (non shared) and +ro (read only) user flags for user sharing control. Get it while its hot.

[ December 15th, 2004]

EnergyMech 2.99.80
Mostly fixes and tweaks. See VERSIONS file for more exact changes. Fixes crash bugs, faulty error messages, KS action levels added, USER command bug setting user access to zero, SHITLIST command outputs all details and many commands have been changed to output prettier tables. OPMODES+BANMODES have been merged into one setting (MODES) which can be auto-detected on most big networks. Check download page to get your copy.

[ November 28th, 2004]

EnergyMech 2.99.79
Mostly bugfixes and tweaks (Fix for ESAY buffer overflows, AUB/shit, session file, NCL). The ADD/DEL commands have been baked into the USER command, like "USER + handle ..." for adding and "USER - handle" for removing users. Check download page to get your copy.

[ November 26th, 2004]

EnergyMech 2.99.78
Even if the version number havent gone up much, there are quite a bunch of changes in this release. Comment character for files has been changed from `#' to `;' (semicolon), might cause some errors if you use old files with comments. You can now telnet to your bot if you have the linking feature and a linkport configured. Check download page to get your copy.

[ November 16th, 2004]

EnergyMech 2.99.77
More updates, quite few things to do left before I can start packaging a 3.0 release candidate. This version has a more robust async DNS, user sharing, settings for dynamic limit (+l), and support for DCC file send and receive along with a bunch of settings for it. Various documents on the website has been updated. Text color has been brightened up a bit so its more readable. New documents: Settings more detailed for E3, Linking your brand new EnergyMech, Installing, updated for E3.

[ November 15th, 2004]

Energymech Forum open for business
Still lacking a few features but usable. Took me two damn days to make it (written in php), so you damn well better use it now! Go to the coolie energymech forum. More features will probably be added soon enough, like user login is probably highly desired.

[ November 1st, 2004]

Energymech 2.99.68
A few updates to the 2.99 development version. A couple of simple crash bugs with commands fixed, ALTNICK setting added and some parts of RAWDNS now works. Get your copy on the E3 primer page.  

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